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Kaimu Walk
June 14, 2009
I decided I needed to get some exercise but I couldn't drive very far because I didn't have enough money for gas so I
decided to just take a quick hike around the
Kaimu area near the new Black Sand Beach.  This would be a nice little
walk, not one of those killer 10+ mile jobs I've been attempting.  So I parked at the end of the road where I always take
pictures of the lava plume and just hike up the coast to see what's there (green line).  When it started to look a little too
difficult (first picture below), I turned around and headed back toward the Black Sand Beach (magenta line) and then
back to the car...
(11:57 AM) The view ahead at "Turn"
(12:36 PM) from "View BSB"
Pu'u O'o vent sticking up above the
pali.  On the aerial views, Pu'u O'o is
above and to the left of
(12:42 PM)
Approaching Black Sand Beach (BSB)
Notice how steep the beach is.  That means a wicked undertow.  Don't want to swim there...  
Next stop Antarctica...
(12:14 PM) 180 degree view from "009"
Royal Gardens where the lava is coming down the hill
(12:06 PM) The view ahead from "008"
(12:36 PM) from "View BSB"
(12:42 PM)
Kehena Hike
June 28, 2009
Another short hike near home.  I decided to cover some of
the coast near the house that I hadn't been to yet.
The hike down.  I started out going north (green line) but
the terrain got really rough so I turned around and
headed south (cyan line)
The hike back.
4 WD on the roads I'd discovered on
the hike...
2:20 PM @ "002"
Looking back
2:20 PM @ "002"
Looking forward
2:38 PM @ "005"
3:00 PM @ "007"
The path ahead
3:48 PM @ "Trail"
3:50 PM @ "T2"
3:56 PM @ "Foot"
Not mine
4:17 PM @ "009"
Just off the beach, it was a really nice
soft shady walk...
<-- 4:56 PM @ "011"

5:00 PM @ "012" -->

The 4 WD "roads"
5:23 PM @ "013"