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Lava Hike
Extreme telephoto (420 mm eq.) from
the house
Just another rainbow
That's Ellen, her grandson, and Ray
Every year, between December and
April, the whales take a vacation in
Hawaii.  They're no dummies!  They
actually come to breed and bear
children.  Everybody here gets really
We also have some pretty good
scenery.  Above right, you can see the
rainbow that is visible in a couple of
the whale photos.  Left, the moon
above some wispy clouds.  To the
right, Robin taking pictures of the
moon & the clouds with the rainbow in
the background.  If you look really
close, you might be able to see a
whale - or maybe not.
Hawaii:  all of this, all at the same time,  
just sitting in one spot...
11:26 AM @ "Start"
That's the plume from the
Waikupanaha ocean entry in the distance
11:38 AM
Between "Start" and "002"
11:41 AM @ "Road"
11:47 @ "Sign"
February 7, 2009
11:50 AM @ "003"
11:54 AM @ "E O T"
(End Of Trail)
12:06 PM @ "005"
12:21 PM @ "Danger Sign"
12:27 PM @ "Warning Sign"
12:48 PM @ "Rope"
These are the saw horses and rope
that outlined previous "no-go" areas
1:08 PM @ "007"
1:08 PM @ "007"
1:06 PM @ "006"  A "bench" from a previous lava flow
1:25 PM @ "008"
1:44 PM @ "009"
feet pretty good and since then had bought some new hiking boots that would hopefully give me better support.  Pretty
much every day I would see the plume at
Waikupanaha and the word was there was another entry just past it at
Kupapa'u with surface flows.  The county wouldn't let me hike out from my end so I thought I'd go around by the
Volcanoes National Park and come in that way.  Unfortunately, this would be a hike of roughly 8 miles each way - a
tough hike over the lava.  I didn't expect that I'd even make it since I hadn't been hiking at all lately and I didn't know
what kind of shape I was in or how well the boots would work out.  As it turned out, I made it about 2.5 miles when I
decided to turn back.  My feet were starting to hurt and I'd forgotten just how tough hiking on the lava was!  I'll try again
later until I make it.  One option is to hike right through to the other side and have somebody pick me up and bring me
back to my car.  That'd be a hike of about 10 miles without the return trip...