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Mauna Kea
November 9, 2008
Robin & I took another trip up Mauna Kea today.  As you can see from the images above, we went past the road to
Mauna Kea (the white line), then turned back.  You may also notice that we didn't follow the road (yellow line).  Actually,
they've built a new road which we were following.  The image has been outdated...
Mauna Loa.  You can see the road
zigzagging up the side.
Mauna Loa.  You can see some of the
different lava flows down the side.
An eroded cinder cone opposite the
turn to
Mauna Kea.  The road up
Mauna Loa is just past on the right.
Robin getting some lunch above the
clouds.  This is at the "Acclimation
Station", the visitor's center at 9,200
feet.  It is strongly advised that people
stop here for at least an hour to adjust
to the altitude.
On the way up Mauna Kea at around
10,000 feet, another look at
.  You can see the visitor's center
and the cluster of buildings where the
astronomers and staff stay.
At around 13,000 feet, there's a rest
Lua is the word for bathroom in stop.  
Hawaiian.  This is dedicated to my
good friends at Bostley Sanitary
Service in Massachusetts.
This is the actual summit of Mauna Kea.
 The photo was taken from the area at
the end of where it says "Mauna Kea
Access Road" in the small aerial view
on the right above.  The summit is off to
the right.
On the way down, back into the clouds.  We drive down through them in the mist and rain and
come out again underneath them as we approach Hilo.
Here's a nice panorama of Mauna Loa from Mauna Kea for you.
Here are some pictures that Robin
took.  The sun was going down as we
descended the mountain and Robin
down through the cloud layer.
Here's a good example of Hawaii
weather.  Standing in the same spot, at
the same time, looking left, it's raining,
looking right, it's beautiful.
Why did the, uh, chicken cross the
road?  Peacocks...
Hanging out at Makuu, a hawk landed
in one of the palm trees in the yard...
L to R:  Robin's daughter, Alexis,
Alexis' boyfriend, Steve, Robin, and
hawk (up in the tree)