The very next day, we were driving
toward Hilo when Robin suddenly said,
"Look!".  There it was, big as life.  Up
until today, we had seen NO mountains
due to all the rain we'd been having.  It
had rained pretty much constantly for
two weeks since we'd arrived.  I had
been saying that when it stopped
raining and the sun came out, we were
suddenly in Hawaii!  The limitation of
sight distance had really closed us in
and made it difficult to really
appreciate that we indeed had moved
to Hawaii!
Robin's son, Leber, was staying with us for a few days and he had never seen Waipio Valley,
although he lived in Waimea, not far away.  So we decided to take a trip...
There was some construction going on
up there.  A "lua" is a bathroom.
Robin wanted me to take her picture
out there.  I got no problem with that!
A cinder cone
The scary thing is that someone must
have tried it in order for them to feel it
was necessary to put up a sign like this.
The land up in the Northwest area of the Big Island is all range land.  Waimea
area is the location of the famous Parker Ranch, one of the largest ranches in
the world.
This is the town of Honokaa.  Notice the
similarity to Pahoa.  Only it's cleaner and
neater and not quite as funky.
This is Leber looking down at Waipio
Valley, taking in the view.
And this is the view
A little action with the zoom lens. Pretty good, hah?
Robin wanted to put a piece of coral
on the mountain.  Sort of a surf and
turf for the gods.
Thursday, March 30
Up Mauna Kea - heading back down
Coming back down the mountain, we
saw this...
The guy just had slippers on!  Those are called shoes in Hawaii...
Friday, March 31
The very next day...!
Sunday, April 2
Waipio Valley
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