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Al on wall
3/25/08, 12:20 PM
Steam plume from Kalapana
Explore Kapoho.  In the right image you can see the cone in the upper left that we view below.
Looking southwest
Wind's blowing to the southeast
Wind direction is important because it
affects where the vog goes.  Winds
from a northerly direction are good
because it blows the vog out to sea
Here's a link to images of the volcanic activity for April.  There's some really good pictures here!
Took a trip up to Kilauea crater to look at the lava plume coming from
Halema'uma'u Crater
On the way back from Kilauea, I decided to
turn off Rt. 130 and see if I couldn't find a
better vantage point to view the steam plume
coming from the lava ocean entry at
Waikupanaha.  I went through this gate
(green line).  When I couldn't find a way out of
the macadamia orchard I was in, I turned
back, only to find that someone had closed
and locked the gate!  I drove around all over
the place trying to find a way out (yellow line)
but couldn't find one.  I finally ended up
4-wheel-driving out around the gate.
4/6/08, 10:08 AM
The next day, I went back and found a
spot further up the hill where I could get
a view of the steam plume.  I tried to get
blocked further progress.
I drove back (left image - lower green and yellow lines) along the route I followed on that bad hike I took on
(right image).  As you can see by the yellow line, it took me a while to figure out which way I had come.  On the magenta
line, I marked three roads that I walked by in the dark (RR Ave?, EOR, EOR2).  They dead-ended just before the
intersected the road I was on and were hidden by a screen of bushes and trees.  In daylight, they were very visible.  I
got as far as "Gate 2" and couldn't go any farther.
of Kapoho.  This cone is the remnant of that eruption.