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March 14, 2008
Robin and I went to a seminar on Kona side for the weekend so, of course, we stayed at Ray &
Ellen's house.  I went over early, on Friday, to get in a little kayaking.
The paddling wasn't very much fun - I was heading straight into a pretty stiff breeze and the
waters were pretty choppy (green line).  It was like paddling uphill.  When I finally turned
around (magenta line), I found I was going the same speed as I was going out - but I wasn't
even paddling!  To get over my guilt for not having got a proper amount of exercise, I decided
to hike out to the old Hawaiian village of
Ki'ilae (blue line out, orange line back).
This is the beginning of the trail at the end of the Picnic area
K - Ramp
We've seen this ramp a number of times going by in Ray's boat and I've always
been interested in looking at it more closely...
Looking back down the ramp
Looking back toward Pu'uhonua O
from the top of the ramp
When it came right down to it, there
wasn't much to see at the village - a
few stone walls all overgrown with
Home from Ray's - Kilauea
March 17, 2008
While at Ray & Ellen's, we heard that Kilauea had sprung a leak - there were fumes escaping from a point inside
Halema'uma'u Crater and that they had closed off Crater Rim Drive between Jaggar Museum and Chain of Craters
Road.  I stopped by on the way home to see...
These pictures were taken from Jaggar Museum.  The visitors' viewpoint is directly behind the plume.  There is no lava
associated with this event - just gas.