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Lava @ Royal Gardens continued
February 28, 2008
6:21:40 PM
On the left is the river we were looking
before.  Now there's another flow
coming down on the right.
6:22:08 PM
This is the lava river a little bit downhill
from where I'm standing.  I was sitting
looking up
Royal Ave. somewhere to
the left of that plume of smoke in the
6:24:03 PM
No, it's not out of focus, it's heat waves!
6:24:57 PM
6:25:02 PM
6:25:08 PM
6:32:21 PM
6:35:07 PM
6:35:23 PM
6:37:36 PM
I headed back down (pink line) and
stopped at "Shoes" to put my boots on
for stumbling around in the dark.
7:03:46 PM
At "Shoes"
7:03:48 PM
7:03:49 PM
7:04:10 PM
7:04:13 PM
7:29:45 PM
7:29:55 PM
7:31:13 PM
7:32:10 PM
7:32:36 PM
7:32:53 PM
7:33:09 PM
7:33:27 PM
I've moved back to the location marked "Sit" so I'm looking up at that flow down
Royal Ave.
I'm playing with exposure times and shutter speeds here, trying to get the best exposure
<- On the tripod now
So there you have it.  Quite an experience.  Please forgive me for including seemingly identical images - I was excited!
As I left, the wind was blowing hard at my back with the smell of things burning: of wood, and grass, and fire, and, yes,
even brimstone.  I was breathing smoke and fumes from the lava and ashes were whirling past me in the wind.  It was
like a scene from
Apocalypse Now or Dante's Inferno.  It was like a scene from hell...  Incredible...
6:13:25 PM
Looking west down
Orchid St. from
Queen Ave.
6:16:35 PM
Looking down at the bottom of
 This is what it looked like earlier,
at 1:17.
6:13:58 PM
Did I mention that the clouds were
really beautiful today?
6:20:31 PM
6:20:48 PM
6:20:53 PM
The light at this time of day is ideal for taking pictures of the lava.  In full sunlight, you can't really get the full effect of the
glow, while later all you get are orange blobs in a sea of black.
5:36:24 PM
5:36:29 PM
5:36:54 PM
Quicktime movie (42.2 Mb)
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5:31:40 PM
5:47:19 PM
I'd take a walk back up to the spot
marked "
Lava" before it got too dark
(orange line).
5:56:59 PM
But when I got to the bottom of
it was blocked!
This is what it looked like at 1:09 when
I went up the first time
6:02:07 PM
So I had to go over to the next street,
Queen Ave., I think.  On the way, there
was this beautiful formation...
5:27:48 PM
5:28:55 PM
5:29:00 PM