This is the steaming hillside located roughly below where "Lava in Hawaii" is
marked on the map, just above the road past
Queen's Bath.
Very interesting shapes in the lava.  This is
Pahoehoe lava, which is smooth and
flowy, one of two types.  The other kind is
which looks like a bunch of rocks
I just liked the clouds
The steaming hillside from a little bit closer
The steam cloud from a little bit closer
The road through the lava
More clouds
This is a panoramic view of the crater.  It's too big to take in one shot, so I did three.  These photos were taken from
Volcano House, a lodge that's been there in various incarnations for many, many years.  They claim that the fire in the
fireplace has never gone out in over 60 years.  Note the bluff on the far right.  To the farthest right is Steaming Bluff
where we were when I took the pictures on March 14 (page 4).  Note also at the left side of the ridge, on the very edge,
there's a low flat building.  That's the Jagger Museum.  See below.
Closer view of left side of the crater
Jagger Museum
Just testing out my zoom lens
Pretty good, huh?
Steaming Bluff with the zoom
I always take pictures of the signs when I got to places like this.  That way I can
read them at my leisure - and remember them!
This is our '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee we just
bought 2 days ago.  Paid $7000 for it.  Had
67,000 miles on it, electric everything, tow
package, off-road package, the works.  
Previous owner was a guy who was only
here a few months out of the year, the rest of
the time the Jeep was garaged.  It's in cherry
condition.  We love it!
This benchmark is in the top of this monument
Monday, March 20, 2006
Kaimu-Kalapana Lava Field Drive (continued)
This was taken at the intersection around 5:30-6:00 in the afternoon with the westerly sun behind the cloud adding a nice effect.  I had to
expose two ways:  one for the sky, and one for the ground.  We will be driving down the road to the far right.  The road on the near right is the
road to Pahoa and the road to the left is the road to our house.
Saturday, March 25, 2006
Kilauea on a clear day
This is the view from the dining room at
Volcano House.  It's our favorite place to eat.  
The breakfast buffet is the best and nothing
can beat looking into the crater of an active
volcano while eating!
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