Welcome to Chrissy's World!
A photographic record of our explorations on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
This page started out as a way to keep friends and family updated on our life as we moved to Hawaii in March of 2006.  It
seemed easier than e-mailing pictures and letters to each individual!  
Google Earth has allowed me to illustrate just where we
were when the pictures were taken.  Since I got my GPS, in December of 2006, it's become an obsession to keep track of
where I am.  Now you know every move I make!

I've found that the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the pages gets too long so I've broken the web space into multiple sections:

Photos 1 (3/6/06 - 6/3/06) Photos2 (6/16/06 - 12/14/06) Photos 3 (12/17/06 - 5/27/07) Photos 4 (5/28/07 - 3/3/08) Photos 5 (3/5/08 - 9/5/09)
Photos 6 (9/12/09 - 5/1/10) Photos 7 (5/6/10 - 4/18/11) Photos 8 (5/8/11 - 10/20/12) Photos 9 (
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I thought this was a fine
example of Hawaiian time:
It'll get done...
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The Adventures of
Christopher-Robin Garland in Paradise
Not my sentiment - I just thought it was funny!
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Bumper stickers
Back window of my Jeep Cherokee
Photo by Cathy Drew