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Lava @ Royal Gardens
February 28, 2008
So this morning I got up and, after checking my e-mail as usual, I checked the Kilauea update page for 2/28, as usual.  It
said that the lava flow had reached the bottom of
Royal Gardens!  This was rather sudden as you can see from
previous entries here, I'd been hiking around that area a couple of times recently and had not been able to reach the
lava flows.  Now, apparently, they had come to me!  I immediately hopped in the car and raced over there to see if it was
home and got my stuff together and drove as fast as I could back to the end of the road, stuffing trail mix in my mouth to
get some energy into me.  After parking the car, I strode off toward the smoking, burning hillside, still getting dressed
(green line).  It was about a 2 mile hike and about halfway there the adrenaline started to fade and I had to stop and
take a break and get my equipment packed properly.  Then I set out at a more measured pace...
This is a view of the location with an overly of the map for 2/28 from the Kilauea update page.  The pink areas are from
earlier lava flows, the red areas are where the lava has flowed in the last few days.
This is a picture from 2/17
10:46:52 AM
11:55:19 AM
For scale, you can just barely see a
guy in an orange shirt in the center of
the photograph, just below the ridge of
lava running across.
11:55:31 AM
12:18:14 PM
Getting closer, you can see a couple
of people over on the right side
Over on the left, that orange spot is lava, not the guy in the orange shirt!
That dark black stuff coming down the hill is the new lava flow - an A'a flow - the clinkery stuff, not the smooth stuff.  You
can see people standing there on the left at the end of the flow.
This is an image from 7/16/06 when Robin and I hiked out to Royal Gardens for the first time.  
It gives the names of the streets in Royal Gardens which apparently aren't available in the
newer images.  Royal Avenue, where the lava's coming down is the vertical one that connects
to the ghost of Chain of Craters Road.  King Ave. is the street to the right of Royal Ave.  As in
the other images, the black areas are covered in lava flows, the green areas are vegetated.
1:09:35 PM
At the base of
King Ave.
1:19:35 PM
At the intersection of
Orchid and King
1:17:28 PM
Looking south down King Ave. from
whence I came
1:19:40 PM
Looking west along
Orchid St.
10:46:19 AM
12:36:24 PM
12:36:40 PM
12:43:41 PM
12:52:29 PM
12:57:07 PM
1:06:33 PM
1:06:40 PM
1:08:57 PM