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Kayak Kiholo Bay
December 25, 2007
For Christmas, Robin and Cathy and I decided to go to the beach.  This time, we chose to go
Kiholo Bay on the Kona side...
These are tracks of my kayaking in the bay.  The green line is the first trip out and the
magenta line is the first trip back.  The yellow line is the second trip.
On the way over, in Waimea, we got this view of Mauna Kea with snow on top
This is part of the beach at Kiholo
, about where the Kiholo Bay flag
is on the aerial photo above.
This was taken from the bay where the
turtles were looking southward.  Note
the rain clouds.
I don't know what this thing is for, but it involves a light, batteries, and solar
The turtles like to crawl up on the beach and bask in the sun.  This area is known as a turtle refuge.  Sea turtles are a
protected species and no one is allowed to bother them...  I was well away from them using my zoom lens.
There was thunder and lightening along with these rain clouds and I thought it
best to get in to shore
Interesting wood formation on the
<-- A view of Kiholo Beach with
Kohala in the background

This was taken on my second trip out,
at the westernmost end -->
There's a house in there...
Cathy took these of me paddling back
to the beach.  The wind shifted and
increased so I was paddling directly
into a strong wind and not making
much progress.
See the splash in the background?  We didn't notice it until we were looking at the pictures later.  We think it was
probably a whale...

The shoreline was very rocky with some patches of beach in between and so, because I didn't think I could make it back
to the beach against the wind, I decided to head into a gap in the rocks and get ashore.  I surfed nicely in but then got
capsized by the waves as my kayak turned sideways to the surf as I tried to get out.  No big thing, except for the fact that
it was very rocky under the water and I cut my feet up pretty good on the rocks.
I teased Cathy for not getting any pictures of me floundering around in the surf but she'd been busy helping me get the
kayak in to shore.  While I was waiting for her to get back with the car (and a band-aid), I took these pictures of
And a panoramic view of the coast with Kohala on the left and Hualalai on the right, both extinct volcanoes that, along
Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea, make up The Big Island.
On the way home (red line), with the sun setting behind us, I got these pictures of Mauna Kea