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Kayak Kekaha Kai Bay
December 15, 2007
The guy who sold me my kayak, Kelly, at Plenty Pupule (Crazy) Kayak has somewhat of a kayak club that goes on
outings from time to time.  This time they launched from
Kekaha Kai Beach and paddled around to Makalawena
, an undisturbed, almost completely deserted beach on the Kona side.  Robin and I drove over and joined them
(white line).  After I kayaked, Ray and Ellen met us and we went to their house for the night (pink line) and went to
Manuka Bay with them the next day (cyan line) and headed home from there (red line).
We got there a little late and the group was just disappearing around the corner when I hopped in my kayak and
paddled to catch up (yellow line).  I didn't catch up until they'd already landed at
Makalawena where we all hung out
and checked the place out (green line).  After a while, I got restless and got in my kayak and headed out again
(magenta line) to do some exploring until the rest of the group came out and we headed back to
Kekaha Kai.  Ray and
Ellen met us there and we hung out for a while.  We spotted some dolphins jumping out in the ocean and I took to the
water again to see if I could get some pictures.  Of course they weren't there when I got out there, but were there again
as soon as I got back on shore...
This was the group of kayakers on the beach at Makalawena.  I was relieved to find that they were mostly a bunch of
regular middle-aged people, not a bunch of young healthy athletic types!
And this is a picture of my kayak after I
got back to Kekaha Kai
This is a panoramic view of the island from my kayak when I took off from Makalawena and headed north for a bit.  You
can see the other kayakers on the beach on the right side of the photo.  The mountain in the background is Hualalai,
one of the five volcanoes that make up The Big Island.  This was the first time I had really been out in the open ocean in
the kayak and the first time I'd had to deal with surf (although very small in this case).  Most of my kayak experience to
date had been in Hilo Bay, which is more like a lake that anything else so this was exciting - getting my feet wet, as it
were, with some real ocean kayaking!
Manuka Bay
December 16, 2007
Here's the trip to Manuka Bay ("Camp") from Ray's house relative to Kekaha Kai
The 4WD road down through the lava fields to the coast
The green line shows our wanderings...
The signage at the top of the road and the beginning of the road down with Ray's truck
The road down.  Robin got tired of being bounced around inside the car and found it more comfortable to stand on the
back bumper of Ray's truck...
Ellen decided she'd like to try it too...
Ellen didn't like it and Robin didn't like
her knees banging against the tailgate
so she tried it another way...
We finally got to the bottom after about
an hour and a half
Where we set up a very nice camp...
Where we had nothing better to do than barbecue and watch the waves.  Life's a bitch...!
Following the green line.  I was still hobbling from my hike on the 9th so I took
up the rear...