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November 22, 2007
Robin and Cathy and I decided to go up and visit Madame Pele, the volcano goddess, at
Kilauea.  On the way up, between the "Girlie House" and Keaau, we saw this magnificent
rainbow - and it wasn't even raining!
Up at Kilauea, we had some excellent lighting from the setting sun to the west.  The glare from the sun was so great that
I couldn't get a decent picture of the caldera so I satisfied myself with some shots of the clouds around Mauna Loa and
the steam rising from Steaming Bluff.  The Kilauea Caldera is off to the left...
Explore Kona Side for Kayaking Places
November 27, 2007
Looking for Lava
November 19-20, 2007
On November 19, I went out Ainaloa Blvd. (white line) as far
as I could go to see how close I could get to the active lava
flows (overlay).  I got to the end then headed up to another
subdivision that might bring me close and was also uphill so
that I might find a spot where I could get a view.  I got to the
location marked "Turn" when I had to turn around and go
back for a meeting at the "LOC", Liberty Ohana Center
(magenta line).  After the meeting, I headed home (red line).
The next day, I went back to "Turn" (white line) and
continued my exploration (green line).  I couldn't find any
vantage points so I turned around and went home (red
line), zig-zagging through Orchidland subdivision on the
way back.
It's been frustrating because
aerial photographs have
shown some pretty incredible lava flows but there's been
no way to get there!
I decided to go over to Kona side (Kona means leeward) and see if I couldn't find some more
time.  We headed over view the Hamakua Coast (white line) and stopped of at P & P Kayak
(for Plenty Pupule which means plenty crazy) to drop off some stuff.  Then we went to Cafe
Pesto for lunch and then I dropped Robin off at Spencer Beach while and did some searching
My plan was to go to the southernmost beach first (green line), just north of the airport at Kailua-Kona, and work my way
back to Spencer in the north.  So I started at what I mislabeled as Kehaha Kai which was really Kekaha Kai but then I
found out that there seemed to be two of them.  Anyway, I started working my way back north but it wasn't long before I
got disgusted because it seemed like every road that led to the ocean ended up having a gate with a little booth and a
guy sitting in it who informed me that the area was private - a resort of some kind or other - and I couldn't go in there!  I
finally got so pissed off, I burned out of the last place (unlabelled) and headed back to Spencer Beach to get Robin and
go home!  It was getting late anyway...
Kayak Hilo Bay
November 28, 2007
I had to do a topographic survey ("Topo") in Hilo so, since I was in the neighborhood, I brought along my kayak and
paddled my ass off in Hilo Bay.
A panoramic photo looking back toward "Reeds Bay" from Coconut Island.  Coconut Island is a
little island connected by a footbridge off the shore of Waiakea Peninsula where all the hotels
are located in Hilo.  I stopped in here to have a quick swim in this little bay here and cool off
before I headed back to the car.
Parked on the beach in Hilo ready to
unload and float!
Explore North Hilo
December 2, 2007
I'd first seen it from afar when I was completing my trip around Mauna Kea (page 61).  Since then, I had tried to find it by
Robin and I decided to do some exploring north of Hilo.  One thing I wanted to do is find the Mauna Kea-Honolii Airport.  
page 61a) but never had any luck.  We didn't have any luck this time either so we just gave up and explored ("I road
wonder where this road goes...").
But we did get a nice view of Hilo Bay.  Notice the difference in the water between inside and outside the breakwater.  
And check out the size of those cruise ships!  They dwarf all the buildings on land...
Shooting into the sun, the tassels on
the sugar cane light up