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Hilo Bay Kayak
October 31, 2007
This was a good one.  I started out thinking of going to the river, where I'd been before, but, as I got over there,
changed my mind and decided to go see what was past the breakwater.  Even before I got there, the swells from the
ocean were getting pretty sizeable.  I could see waves break over the top of the breakwater as I approached.  When I
got to the end of the breakwater and looked out into the ocean the swells were significant enough the I decided I didn't
That's the thing about small boats in the ocean:  in order to stay stable, you have to keep moving.  If you stop, the
ocean just tosses you around at its whim.  If you're making headway, then you can steer and you have a much greater
degree of stability.  In a boat with a motor, that's no big deal unless you run out of gas.  But when you're the motor,
you've got to keep paddling!  In a lively ocean, you can't just stop and fiddle with your GPS - or camera for that matter.  
That's why there's not a lot of photographs to accompany the kayak trips!
Once I got behind the breakwater, I followed it for a ways, enjoying the paddle in the nice calm water, listening to the
waves crashing on the other side, occasionally washing over, and watching the crabs scurry around on the rocks.  
Then, as I began to get tired, I decided to head for the barn!
That's another thing about paddling:  you have to leave enough gas in the tank to get home!  You can't get out there
and just decide you've had enough!  You still have to get back!  So you have to judge how much steam you have left.  
As it was, I ended up paddling 4.5 miles by the time I got back and could barely get the kayak back on the top of the