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Kumukahi Point 4WD
October 18, 2007
there!  First, I got distracted by a road that went out through a lava field (the horizontal green linen near "Papaya".  
Another exploration, this time to check out the Champagne Pond for suitability for launching my kayak - but I never got
finally got to the Kumukahi Lighthouse and started along the lava road to the Champagne Pond, I ended up taking a left
and following the "road" around the point toward the "Black Rock Beach" that we'd been to at the end of March and the
beginning of April (
p. 63-65, 67) when we'd explored (by foot) Halepuaa.  Note the difference between the low
resolution and high resolution areas in the Google Earth imagery.
These are some examples of the
terrain I was dealing with.

<-- I had gotten out of the car to check
out the "road" ahead to see if it was

After walking up the "road" a way, I
looked back at the car...
<-- This is the "road" ahead.  I took it.

The Jeep did fine...
Mauna Kea Summit
October 26, 2007
Cathy had a couple of friends from the Mainland (Virginia) who she wanted to show the summit of Mauna Kea.  We
decided to also see the koa forest that I'd seen when I'd attempted to drive around Mauna Kea in
January and March.  
The weather was a little disappointing:  solid overcast with fog and mist, but it did provide a lot of atmosphere!  I didn't
take many pictures on the first part of the trip because I was driving.  The white line shows our route to the koa forest,
the green line shows our path to the summit. For other trips to the summit, see pages
11 and 39.
Can't tell the players without a score card!  Here's the layout at the top.  We were where "X"
marks the spot, between the
UKIRT and U of H telescopes on the right side.
As I said, it was cloudy and rainy as we
headed out to the koa forest

<-- This is original photo

This is the enhanced photo -->
On the way out to the koa forest, we'd
seen this owl and went diving for our
cameras. But he got away.  On the way
back, we were delighted to see him
waiting for us...

<-- Original

Enhanced -->
A couple of shots of Mauna Loa
across the was as we ascend Mauna
Kea.  We're probably at around 10,000
feet or so.  It's absolutely crystal clear!  
You can see the solid cloud cover at
around 9,000 feet.  Above the
While we were standing around waiting for the sun to go down, the Gemini Northern Telescope started to turn and
the door on top opened.  Cool!
Looking west at the sun going down.  Remember, there is a solid cover of
clouds at 9,000 feet.
Looking northwest at (left to rightt) the Subaru, the W.M. Keck Observatory (two domes), and the NASA IRTF.  The
Keck Observatory is interesting because it's like a stereo telescope:  two smaller ones combined make it bigger than a
big one!
Now it's getting interesting!  Playing with different exposures on the camera to get different effects...