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Kilauea Caldera Hike
October 14, 2007
I decided to complete the re-hike of the October, 2006 hike which I started last week.  The only
thing left to complete now is the
Byron Ledge Trail and I'll have covered the whole hike I did
10/9/06 in one day!  This time I didn't want to hike up out of the caldera (uphill to Volcano
, which was brutal on me the last time!) so I had Robin leave me off at Volcano House
where Robin met me with the car.  Much easier that way!
A look into the caldera from the top
The first fork in the trail ("Jct")
The second fork in the trail ("Jct2")
The caldera through the trees on the
way down
This is why I wanted to go down
instead of up!
There's a outlook above and I could
hear people talking as if they were only
a few feet away.
Looking forward
Looking back.  I came down the
sloping area to the left, just below
Volcano House, on the ridge
<-- Rock formation from "Thin Crust"

Rock formation from "Jct3" side -->
Hilo Bay Kayak
October 15, 2007
Another Hilo Bay kayak trip (green line out, magenta line back).  I went out around "Coconut
Island" (where it's labeled
Waihonu Pond) and then back up the river to the lagoon in Hilo.  I
found this little stream and followed it up toward the center of town where I took some "
looking back toward where I came from

This is a picture of the statue of King
Kamehameha in the park next to the
lagoon.  This statue is a copy of the
original in
Hawi (northwest corner of
the Big Island) -->