Photos 4, page 9
"Green Harvest"
July 30, 2007
Coming back from a trip to Hilo, I saw three helicopters cruising in a grid pattern at very low
altitude just outside of Pahoa.  I guessed that they were the "Green Harvest" helicopters that
were out looking for marijuana (aka
pakalolo = loco weed).  I decided to swing over and see
what they were up to...
<-- As I turned down the road, this guy came out of the bushes carrying what I
assumed was a pot plant.
He walked up the road to a spot where the helicopter landed and they checked
out their haul...
July 31, 2007
I had to go to Honolulu for a seminar at the Pacific Beach Hotel.  I wanted to see if my GPS would work on the plane.  On
the way there, we sat in the middle of the plane so I couldn't get reception.  On the way back, it worked great!
In Honolulu, the green line is the trip to the seminar (we got a little lost), the orange line is the trip back to the airport (I
took a shuttle van that stopped at several hotels to pick up passengers).  No pictures, just the GPS tracks...
Fishing and Snorkeling with Ray
August 8, 2007
Today we went snorkeling with Ray in his boat.  As usual, Ray put out two lines for trolling and, for the first time since
boating with Ray, we caught some fish!  We headed down to "Ray's Cave" where we snorkeled into some caves in the
cliffs.  No pictures:  the boat was too bouncy and I was busy getting wet!
On the way down (yellow line), we puttered along the coast, seeing the sights.  We caught
"Fish 1" but threw him back - maybe 18" long.  On the way back (magenta line) "Fish 2" and
"Fish 3" were a little bigger so we took them home and ate them!  Delicious!
Since we have no photos, I thought I'd try a 3D view.  That's Mauna Loa looming in the background
Kilauea Caldera
August 10, 2007
I discovered that I had a program that would "stitch" photographs together so I made this
panorama of Kilauea Caldera out of 4 or 5 sequential "no zoom" shots...
Volcanic Glow
August 26, 2007
I was taking a shower in my outdoor shower and noticed an orange glow on the horizon in the direction of the volcano.  I
found a good spot where there weren't any trees in the way and set up my tripod and took these pictures.  The one on
the left is with no zoom, the others were zoomed in.  Pretty intense, huh?  I estimate this is about 8 miles away.  See
page 81 for more details.  This is probably a good spot to try an experiment and send you a song.  Let me know if it
My Birthday:  Kayak in Hilo Bay
September 2, 2007
a kayak.  So on my birthday, Robin rented a couple of kayaks for us and we went out and paddled our asses off around
Hilo bay.  The green line is our path out to the breakwater (the fuzzy white line in the bay) and back, the magenta line is
our trip back.  The resolution is disappointingly fuzzy, but there is a little island off the coast called Coconut Island
(where the green line ends and the magenta line begins) where we stopped to go swimming.  That land that protrudes
into Hilo Bay is known as Banyan Drive and has all the main tourist hotels located there.  There is a walking bridge that
connects to Coconut Island so that people can go out and have picnics and swim and stuff...  No pictures because the
kayaks are of the "sit on top" variety and things tend to get wet.  More on that