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Kea'au Beach
July 25, 2007
develop their various projects).  I had hiked out one day and found "The Pebble Beach" which wasn't really a beach, like
a sand beach, but one made of rocks and pebbles.  The rumors said that there was a real live beach up the coast
somewhere.  We also had heard rumors that they were filming the 4th Indiana Jones movie out that way so we decided
to put an end to the rumors and see for ourselves.  So at around 1:00, a bunch of us headed out.  We had myself, We
had heard rumors for quite awhile that there was a beach up past the "Girlie House" (where Robin and Cathy stay to
Robin, Cathy, Russell, a friend of theirs, and Audrey, a friend of ours from Vermont who had lived on the Big Island
something like 25 years ago.
I forgot to turn on the tracking feature on my GPS on.  When I finally noticed and turned it on, we were halfway out there.
 That's why the spot is marked DUMB!
From left to right:  Audrey, Robin,
Cathy, and Russell
This is basically a banyan tree forest
This is the coastline at the point where we came out of the woods.  We'd lost the trail and just hung a right and headed
for the sound of waves.  From that point on, we just followed the coast up.  The middle picture shows where we're
headed.  We couldn't see any beaches along the coast as far as we could see so it must be around that point...  As you
can see, someone had been here before us - and they must have been in love!  Or maybe they just liked hearts!
Robin and Russell checking out a
stone wall.  We have no idea who
made it or when or for what...
Robin holding the wall up
Robin & Cathy found a really
interesting rock.
Robin's favorite sport on these ventures is collecting rocks and shells...
Cathy making kissy faces at me.  If you look up "ham" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Cathy.
We found this incredible glade at the
back of the coastal rocks we'd been
walking on...
Not more than a few hundred yards after the glade, at the place marked "Checkpoint", we came across some yellow
caution tape and what looked to be a big generator sitting there with cables running off into the woods away from the
ocean.  There was a security guard there, a big friendly Hawaiian guy named Danny.  He informed us that if we wanted
to go any further, we would have to leave our cameras with him and our cell phones that were capable to taking
pictures.  He also needed to search my pack.  He was very friendly and nice about it and we chatted amiably before we
headed on.  He told us he was not allowed to answer any questions but did tell us there was very nice beach just up the
way.  Although he couldn't say anything, it was apparent we were in the proximity of the movie people doing their thing
somewhere in the woods.
We hiked on, following the inland route, until we finally came to a beautiful cove with a beautiful white sand beach.  It was
backed by a large pond with geese floating in it.  It was a beautiful spot.  The only draw-back was that the water from the
pond fed into the cove, making the water really cold!  We swam for awhile, but didn't stay in long because it was so chilly.
We headed back by the coastal route and met up with Danny again to get our stuff.  We chatted some more (Danny
didn't really have anything to do except sit there under his umbrella so he was happy to "talk story" with us) and finally
headed back the way we had come.
Back at the glade, we paused for a rest.  While we were sitting there enjoying the ambiance, we had a couple of visitors...
We found the path back that we'd lost on the way out and followed it back
through the banyan forest
And then we came across this
huge banyan tree...