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More Waipio Valley
July 7, 2007
Another trip to Waipio Valley.  We have been helping our friend, Linda, and Leber has been staying down there
helping here out so we've been going down quite a bit lately.  This time I wasn't driving so I could take more pictures.  
The aerial views above show the difference between the low resolution and high resolution areas available in Google
Earth.  The high resolution areas are so good, I've zoomed in nice and close.  Heading south, the stretch between
"River" and "No River" is where we drive up a river, hidden by trees.  At "No River" the road leaves the river.  At "River
2", we follow a river down a short way, then turn left.  This is also hidden by trees.  We then cross the main river again
where you can see the obvious river.
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Waipio as seen from the top
The road down
Looking toward the back of the valley
Looking toward the beach
The Jeep is in 4WD low range, low gear
Don't lose your brakes!
The bark of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree
The famous wild horses of Waipio
Valley.  They don't look so wild...
The "road" to Linda's house.  We're
going to take a left up there at those
rocks...  This is at the location "River
2" on the aerial views.
Here's our left...
The gate at Linda's that Leber built.
Now isn't this interesting?
On the way back out, this is just south
of "No River".  The river, now a
fast-flowing stream, is running beside
the road, just below that rock, where
the barbed wire is.
The road back up
Back at the top, that's Maui over there, about 50 miles away