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No More Lava!
June 17, 2007
The very next day, there was an extended period of earthquakes between Kilauea Caldera and Pu'u O'o vent and all
the lava stopped flowing from
Pu'u O'o down to the sea.  Inside Pu'u O'o, the lava lake dropped over 100 feet.  Not
knowing what was going to happen next, Volcanoes National Park closed off Crater Rim Drive past Jagger Museum,
including Chain of Craters Road and everyone was holding their breath...  Robin and I went up to Jagger Museum at
Kilauea to watch the seismographs.
Halema'uma'u and Ahua
Kane Nui O Hamo seismograph
The pen on this thing is moving so fast
you can hardly see it...
<-- On the left are the locations of the
seismographs sensors

On the right is a plot they posted in the
window.  The top of the graph is June
16 and shows what the seismograph
would normally be graphing.  The
bottom of the graph is June 17...
Kilauea Information Release as
of Jun 20, 2007 12:36 HST
Image Update of the eruption of
Kilauea Volcano, 6/17/07
Press Release:  New Lava
Outbreak in Upper East Rift
Zone of Kilauea Volcano,
6/19/07, 9:00 a.m.
6/20/07 map of earthquakes and 6/19
"Episode 56" lava outbreak
6/13/07 map of lava flows prior to 6/17
Waipio Valley Again!
June 23, 2007
There aren't many pictures of this trip since I was driving this day.  All I have to offer you are some purty flowers!
Robin getting a nose full of Hibiscus
Here's a picture of a poster in Volcano House explaining what happened.
"Episode 56" turned out to be a lot of steam and gas but very little lava.  More on these developments later...