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Home from visiting Marty & Donna in Hawi
May 20, 2007
On the way back (red line), we stopped at Mauumae Beach, a beach Marty's brother, Richard, recommended.  His
instructions were to go to
Spencer Beach Park and find a path to the left that led to a more secluded beach.
I wanna do this when I grow up!
I didn't know Hawaii had tigers!
The walk to the beach was through these cool trees.
It's hard to take a picture of Cathy because she usually, like me, has a camera
in front of her face!  I couldn't make up my mind so I included three.
The beach we're going to...
A turkey family just walking along...
On the beach, a crab house...
Some other "people" on the beach...
I didn't take many pictures of the beach because I was busy being at the beach!  Besides, I'm very cautious about
getting my camera out in the sand and this was very, very fine sand that got into everything!
A couple of shots by Cathy of us
returning from the beach, a little pink...
Photos of us by Cathy
Since I have a little room left on the
page, here are pictures that Cathy's
taken of us at different places and
<--This is me getting ready to hike out
on the lava.  That's my GPS on my
Robin swimming at Beach 69, I think.  It's called Beach 69 because the road to the beach is at highway mile marker 69.  
She picked up this guy on the beach there...
Robin the jungle queen