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Visit Marty & Donna at Richard's house in Hawi
May 19, 2007
Some friends of ours from back East, Marty and Donna, were visiting Marty's brother, Richard, up in Hawi so we went up
for a visit.  One the way (white line), we stopped in at
Lapakahi Park, the remains of a 600-year-old Hawaiian village.  
On the way back (red line), we decided to take the
Saddle Road because Cathy hadn't been that way yet.  While we
were driving through the saddle, the air became quite foggy and dense.  We thought maybe it was "vog" (volcanic smog)
from the volcano so I called the Kilauea Eruption hot line on my cell phone.  It turned out that there was a new lava flow
into the ocean, which had nothing to do with the air quality we were experiencing in the saddle.  Once we got to Hilo, we
stopped at Long's Drugs and bought some flashlights and headed up to
Kilauea to see what we could see.  When we
went down
Chain of Craters Road, we couldn't see any apparent lava flows so we decided to turn around and head for
home.  It was, after all, 9:00 at night and we were very tired from a busy weekend.
Cathy and Robin took a moment to bask in the sun...
You can see the footprints of the buildings in this Google image.  For the most part, the buildings were gone with only
the two or three foot high stone walls that formed the bases for the buildings remaining.
Looking north from Richard's house, you can just make out the shape of Maui through the haze beyond the wind farm.
And to the west, another fine Hawaiian sunset...
A then as it got dark...
That's Venus hanging out with the moon...
Later that evening we had a big bonfire.  I played with shutter speeds and stuff and got some interesting shots...