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Explore Property in Halepuaa again
April 1, 2007
Robin and I decided to go back out and see if we couldn't walk the other property line.  The white line marks our hike out
and the red line marks our trip back.  I forgot to turn on the GPS tracking function until we were already on our way
(Path?).  The path wasn't marked very well this time and we lost it several times and basically went by dead reckoning a
lot of the time (notice all the squiggles and meanderings in our path).  When we got to the area around "MB-30"
(another surveying marker), the vegetation kept forcing us to the right.  Although we were trying to go straight to the
ocean, the vegetation was impassable in the direction and we kept trying to go around it.  Eventually, according to the
GPS, we were approaching the marked path we'd taken in the other day so we gave up and just headed for that.  The
hiking was very hot and aggravating.  Being in the trees, there is no breeze and all the vegetation helps trap the
moisture so the air is hot and heavy and the bugs and mosquitoes abound.
This is the tangle of vegetation we ran into that wouldn't let us through and we had to keep going around, forcing us to
the right.
I just liked the look of the waves crashing over the rocks.  Robin and I were so hot and prickly and sweaty from beating
through the bush, we both took off all our clothes and got under the shower.  There's a little pool just on this side of the
rocks that we could sit in and soak while the water thundering down around us.  Talk about Paradise!
Robin was laying in the fishnet hammock when she spotted something out in the ocean.
A baby whale.  Jumping and jumping and jumping.  It looked like he was having a really good time.
This went on for at least a half an hour
What's that advertising slogan?
"It doesn't get an better than this"?