Photos 3, page 18
March 29, 2007
We came out of the woods into this A'a lava field.  The first two photos are looking back at where we came out of the
woods.  The one on the right is of where we want to go, but the lava kept forcing us to the right.
Back in the woods after getting guidance from Obi Wan.  I kept falling further and further behind as I took pictures and
marked all the surveyor's pins and stuff with my GPS.  The sound of the ocean got louder and louder and eventually I
could hear the girls shrieking with laughter.  I came out of the woods in a huge grove of palm trees that opened onto a
black rock beach.  The girls were sitting on the rocks where the ocean waves would break over the rocks, giving them a
refreshing shower of cold water (ocean temperature probably in the high 70s, if not 80).
After getting refreshed, the girls
wandered up to the other end of the
This is a hammock the Obi Wan said
he'd fashioned out of an old fishing net.
From the far end of the beach, looking
back at the palm grove fronting the
beach.  The hammock is strung right at
the edge of the trees.
Looking back into the palm grove
Explore Property in Halepuaa (continued)