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Green Sand Beach @ Road to the Sea
March 10, 2007
Ray called us in the morning and wanted to know if we wanted to 4-wheel down the Road to the Sea to the Green Sand
Robin and I drove over (white line) and we met up at the top of the road where we all piled into our Jeep and headed
down the Road to the Sea (yellow line), a 4-wheel-drive road through the lava field straight down the hill to the (can you
guess?) ocean!  I was driving so the pictures can be sparse in places.  We were in 4-wheel-drive low range for the whole
Close-up of the trip down the hill and to the Green Sand Beach (yellow line) and our route after that at the bottom
(purple line).  This was serious 4-wheel-drive territory, as you'll see...
In the right-hand map, you can see a false start coming off the left side of the main road.  We
got out to check out this ravine that cut across our path.  We could see the road on the other
side, but no way to get to it so we had to backtrack and find another way.  I found out later this
road was known as "Fool's Road".
We're attempting to get to those two
mounds you see.  In the foreground
you can see a'a lava - very nasty stuff.
 It is loose and sharp and almost
impossible to walk or drive on.
Robin and the others found it was more comfortable to get out and walk rather than getting jounced around in the Jeep.  
The Jeep wasn't going more than walking pace anyway.  You can see that the "road" was OK in some places, pretty
decent in other places, and downright nasty in other places.
Ray would guide me over the rocks so
that I wouldn't tear things off the
bottom of the Jeep.  The Jeep did
really good!
We finally got around that hump above
and, sure enough, there was a green
sand beach!
We all went swimming.  The surf was pretty heavy and I tired quickly so I got out and took pictures.  This is a sequence
of Robin and Ray in the water as a wave comes in.  It might not look like much that ocean is certainly powerful!
Ray and Ellen.  Aren't they cute?
No, that's not a dead body on the
beach, that's a girl sunbathing.  You
can see in the background that there
are others camping here.
See that little patch of beach over
there?  We're going over to check it
out (purple line on the map).