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Hookena Beach
March 4, 2007
We went to Hookena Beach with Ray and Ellen today and ended up having quite an aquatic show.  We saw lots of
dolphins and whales all over the place.  The important thing to remember is this is not Seaworld, this is nature.  It's really
hard taking pictures of these critters from land because, for the most part, they're under water.  When they finally pop
up, by the time you see them, it's almost too late.  I find I have to stand there with the camera all ready and fire away
when I see something move.  As a result, I get a lot of pictures of empty ocean and splashes from where they just went
back down!  But I managed to get some shots...
Roughly between November and
March, the humpback whales come
down from Alaska to mate and hang out
around the islands.  They're not dumb!  
They know where to spend the winter!  
These guys are just off shore...
So close off shore that a couple of kayakers from the beach went out for a visit
Ray and Ellen went snorkeling while I
stayed on shore and took pictures.  
They didn't see any of the whales or
the dolphins...
And the dolphins put on quite a show...
This one's so good, I'll give you a
bigger shot!