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Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - and again!
February 4, 2007
This is a good aerial view downloaded
from the Internet showing the
Kamokuna flow where I was (nearest),
the one I photographed on
(middle), and the
East Ka'ili'ili flow
Here's a closer look at where I went once I got out there.  I stopped at East Ka'ili'ili first and took some pictures then
headed on out to where no Chrissy has ever gone before.  The point marked "Turn Back" was my previous farthest
point on
1/15.  "Set Up" was where I'd set up on 1/28.  There other points are marked to reference photos.
[EK1] At East Ka'ili'ili there's an excellent view of the lava
(6:41:42 PM) [Far Out] Zoom in the
previous photo
(7:52:10 PM) [EK5 Sit] A zoomed photo
take from the
East Ka'ili'ili flow looking
back up the coast at the
flows.  The one I was at is the top
middle one, the largest.
(4:48:57 PM) [P 2] A look ahead.  The
big plume on the right is the
Kamokuna flow, the little plume on the
left is the
East Ka'ili'ili flow
(5:13:13 PM) [EK1]
[EK1] Cropped
(5:48:07 PM) [K1] As I get closer, the
plume separates into two.  I'm going for
the farthest one.  The nearest one I
already did (
(5:55:26 PM) [K2 Look back] Looking
back at the
East Ka'ili'ili flow
(5:58:35 PM) [K2] Looking down at the
bench at the first
Kamokuna flow
(6:21:13 PM) [Far Out] Zoom
(6:31:44 PM) [Far Out]
(6:37:39 PM) [Far Out] Looking back
down the coast.  The first
flow is nearest and the
East Ka'ili'ili
flow is the farthest away.
(6:43:25 PM) [Far Out]
Today I hiked out with the intention of getting to the farther out ocean entry at Kamokuna.  I'd been out a couple of
times and hadn't been satisfied with the angles I was getting so I thought I'd try again.  Also, things seem to change out
there from day to day so I figured the best way to get good pictures was to keep on going out.  Today I left the starting
point at 4:15, giving me plenty of daylight time to scout out the best spots.  Sunset was at 6:15.  The weather, as usual,
was great:  80 degrees, ocean breeze...  Path out - white line, path back to
East Ka'ili'ili (EK) - red line, path home -
yellow line.  
Click map images to enlarge.
(5:36:28 PM) [EK4] The Kamokuna
flow just up the coast - where I'm
(5:58:45 PM) [K2] Zoom in on the
(6:19:52 PM) [Far Out] My first look at
the farthest lava flow.  Looks like a
good one.
(6:25:03 PM) [Far Out]
6:44:00 PM) [Far Out]
(5:12:20 PM)