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Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - and again!
January 21, 2007
I took a hike out to the Kamokuna ocean entry to try and get pictures of the lava streaming over the sea cliff (p. 51).  
Unfortunately, it wasn't doing that anymore.  Furthermore, I got a late start, leaving about 6:00 PM, and my hike out was
mostly in the dark.  When I got to the spot marked "Return", I was behind the ocean entry point and didn't have a very
good view.  I was reluctant to go stumbling around in the dark with live lava and sea cliffs nearby to get a better view so I
just turned around and came home without taking any pictures.  
Click map image to enlarge.
I got a much better start this day, leaving around 3:00 PM (white line) so I could have plenty of daylight time to try and
get the best setup I could find.  I got to the location marked "Set Up" and set up my tripod and took some pictures of the
Kamokuna ocean entry.  I wasn't satisfied with how close I was so I picked up and moved to the East Ka'ili'ili ocean
entry (yellow line).  But when I got there, the flow wasn't nearly as visible as it was on the
15th so I turned right around
and went back to where I'd set up in the first place at the Kamokuna flow.  (Red line traces my route back to the car.)
You may be wondering why I'm spending so much time doing all this hiking to try and get pictures of the lava flows.  Well,
firstly, it's a pleasure to hike in the nice weather here in Hawaii.  Secondly, I'm trying to get some nice close pictures of
the actual lava flowing - not just glowing clouds of steam.  I've learned that the only way to do that is to go out often
because conditions change from day to day and there's no telling when the opportunity might arise.
(3:12:17 PM) The wind is straight in
from the ocean today, pushing the
Photo taken 1/28/07, 6:01:03 PM
Isn't this an interesting color scheme?
(3:12:07 PM) The usual look around
before I start.  The sun is higher in the
sky this time.
(3:20:49 PM) There's smoke at the
bottom of the hill.  I wonder what's
(5:17:36 PM)
(5:18:27 PM)
(5:20:06 PM)
Photo taken 12/9/06
Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - and again!
January 28, 2007
(3:46:18 PM) Prevent wild fires?  Don't
cut trees?
(4:44:40 PM) First view of the
Kamokuna flow
(5:14:29 PM) Some surface lava just a
bit inland
I thought I was too far away so I got up from where I was set up with my tripod and hiked back to the East Ka'ili'ili flow
because I thought I'd get a better, closer view.  But it wasn't nearly as good as it was the last time so I went back to
where I was at the Kamokuna flow.  Before I returned, though, I finally got up the nerve to walk up to the lava skylite to
take a picture.  See below.
(5:18:27 PM)
(5:20:07 PM)
(5:20:34 PM)
(5:21:55 PM)
(5:23:49 PM)
(5:24:01 PM)
(5:25:10 PM)
(6:12:48 PM)
(6:30:22 PM)
(6:33:14 PM)
(6:33:15 PM)
(6:33:17 PM)
(6:37:35 PM)
(6:38:12 PM)
(6:39:04 PM)
(6:40:42 PM)
(6:42:57 PM)
(6:43:11 PM)
(6:43:12 PM)
(6:44:19 PM)
(6:44:21 PM)
(6:46:56 PM)