(2:43:17 PM) [Pix Of New] Looking up
the coast to the
Kamokuna ocean
entry as I leave
East Ka'ili'ili.  Robin &
Cathy stayed behind.
(2:48:44 PM) [Pix Of New 2] Kamokuna
ocean entry as I get closer
(2:58:22 PM) [P New 3]
(3:04:51 PM) [Above New]
(3:06:02 PM) [Turn Back]  Zoom in on
new lava shows an orange glow above
and right of center
(3:57:15 PM) On the way back, I see a
boat out in the water that looks like it's
got Coast Guard markings on it.  I
wonder if it's got to do with that plane...
Photos 3, page 4
Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - yet again!
January 15, 2007
Robin called and said that she and our friend Cathy were going to take a walk to the new Black Sand Beach.  I told her
I'd meet them there.  I went there and waited but they didn't show up so I decided to go for a walk on the lava.  When I
got to the end of the road, I saw Robin's Jeep parked there.  I started out hiking at around 11:30 AM (yellow line),
intending to hike to the most recent ocean entry at
Kamokuna.  Part way there I heard someone shouting at me and
turned to see that I'd already walked past Robin and Cathy.  It was Cathy's first hike in the lava fields so they were taking
there time as Cathy took lots of pictures.  We joined up and spent the rest of the day together.  The roads shown don't
exist, they are covered with lava (the black area).  
Click map images to enlarge.
Downloaded image looking back
toward previous viewpoints.
Taken 1/11/07
(4:15:59 PM) Cathy
(4:19:57 PM) It's nice to be alone with
the sun, the sea, the wind, and the
(4:23:59 PM) Well, it was really
peaceful for awhile!
(4:27:23 PM) Jeez, everybody's
showing up!  It's getting crowded
around here!
(4:28:14 PM) Finally, the tour groups
started to leave!
The image on the left is a track of my hike out to Kamokuna (red line) and back (green line) after arriving at the East
ocean entry.  We had decided to wait until dark to see the light show.  The image on the right is a closer view of
my path (green line) during our wait for darkness to arrive.  Words in [brackets] are location where photo was taken.
The usual look around as I head out:  The pali (left), the plume(s) ahead (center), and the plume from the Pu'u O'o
vent, just over the ridge (right).
I heard a shout to my left and saw these
two beautiful babes walking toward me.
Photo taken 12/20/06
Skylite in left  of center foreground
Downloaded image from roughly the
same spot.  Taken 1/11/07
Photo taken 12/20, skylite in
(3:08:28 PM) [Turn Back] Looking
back up the coast at the
East Ka'ili'ili
ocean entry
(3:57:31 PM) When I got back I found a
couple of bathing beauties - Robin on the left,
Cathy on the right
(3:04:46 PM) That shiny lava ahead
looks new
A zoom of the previous photo.  The
white plume is from the
Pu'u O'o vent.
(1:10:45 PM) It's Robin and Cathy!
(1:30:17 PM)
This Coast Guard plane flew directly
over me and circled out to sea twice.
(1:30:55 PM) Note the open ramp in
(1:47:34 PM) As I approached the lava
skylite I was greeted by this sign.
More on this in a minute.  First let's
check out the lava ocean entry...
(1:52:57 PM) These pictures were
taken from roughly the same place the
others were
(2:03 - 2:05 PM) You can see that the lava has built itself quite a bench.  Compare with pictures from my first trip:  10/26
(1:55:23 PM) The light-colored shiny
lava is new
This is what happened:  the lava came out of
the "skylite" and flowed over the surface.  I
downloaded this image off the internet.  
Photo was taken 1/11/07 from roughly where
I'm standing now.
Photo taken 1/15/07
Skylite in center
Photo taken 1/15/07
centered on skylite
(2:49:04 PM) [Pix of New 2] Zoomed
(1:37:58 PM)
(2:05:21 PM) These are a view just
inland of the ocean entry