Making progress (see page 21)
Yeah, keep a close eye on that steam
up there.
Keep an eye on the steam up on the pali.  
Notice the lighter colored cloud coming from
just over the top of the ridge to the right.  
That's the
Pu'u O'o vent.
Keeping an eye on the steam on the
pali.  You can see the lighter colored
steam coming from the
Pu'u O'o vent
just over the horizon.
OOPS!  Not a campfire!  It's the skylite
I mentioned before.
2200 degrees
With the naked eye, you can see the lava
flowing by but for some reason, the still
camera just shows an orange blob.
Keeping an eye on the steam - wait a
minute, what're those orange spots?
I TOLD you to keep an eye on the steam!
The East Lae'apuki steam in the sun
Photos 2, page 23
Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - at night
December 9, 2006
This is an overall view of my travels that day, from home to the lava entry into the ocean.  I've got a new GPS receiver that allows me to track
my routes and plot them in Google Earth.  Much better for tracking off the road and locating things more precisely.  I met up with a nice
couple from Virginia, Jesse and Bridgette, and hiked out and back with them.  
Click map image to enlarge.
This is a closer view showing the paths we took going (white
line), when we was there (blue line) and coming back (red
line) in relation to
Royal Gardens where Robin and I have
walked to before.  We left from the car about 4:00 P.M.
This is my path at the ocean entry.  The "lava skylite" is a
couple of holes in the lava where you could look down
and see a river of lava flowing by.  Stay tuned...
Shooting into the sun.  The plume on the left
is where I'm headed.  It's called the
ocean entry.  The one on the right is
East Lae'apuki ocean entry, which is the
one Robin and I hiked to on
August 6
A closer look at the East Ka'ili'ili plume
I like this shot
Here's some people camping out here,
standing around the campfire
I really like this shot
There are more spots of lava showing
up as it gets darker.
This is the main attraction.  Note the
flat bench that has built up since last
time I was here
This is a shot from my last visit on
10/26.  Notice no bench to speak of.
Looking back up to where the skylite
is.  I'm set up on the tripod now, waiting
for it to get dark for the main show.
Another check up the hill.  I think it's a
good idea to keep an eye on any lava
that's uphill from you, don't you?
You can see more and more of the lava as the light fades.
This is the same shot as the previous
only without zoom.  I'd guess the lava's
a couple of miles away.
The Lae'apuki plume in the sunset
More of the Lae'apuki steam plume in the sunset just 'cuz it's so purty!
Almost ready to get down to business
One last check up the hill
OK, go!
There is absolutely no way to describe this.  It's a boiling, billowing, churning mass of fire and sea.  If you were to
download all the smallest images and then run them through a slide show at fast speed, you could make a little movie.
MOVIE (32.6 MB)
Click picture to download