And just to the left of Royal Gardens
are steam plumes from the lava flowing
down the hill beneath the surface.
This is where I'm headed.
Getting there.  You can see the other
steam plume that we'd walked to on
in the distance.  Note the little different
colored plume in the middle.  I didn't
dare get too close.  This area was not
roped off so it was a little scary.
A churning, roiling, cauldron, temperatures reaching 2000 degrees.  Very intense.  I didn't dare get too close.  
Good thing I had my trusty zoom lens.  I'll go out again and get some more pictures.  Probably at night.
Heading down the road into Waipio Valley.  25% grade, one lane (see signs
page 13).  These people are in for a serious walk!
Here's our first turn.  To the left...
Just a tad to the right you can see the
road continuing on but we're going left.
Isn't this just completely cool?
We love our Jeep.  Water's maybe 6" to a foot
Why the river turns into a road again!
Oops, the river again!  This time we
turn right.
This one's a little deeper, kinda nervy.
Terra firma again.  This is getting fun!
The river again!  This time we cross.
Heading back further in the valley
I wonder who built this wall...
This is the main house with the owner,
Linda< telling Robin how to find the
other two houses on the property as
well as the treehouse.  It's so
overgrown you can't see anything!
Back porch.  The sound of water is
continuous because streams that feed
the river run on both sides of the
Photos 2, page 22
Thursday, October 26, 2006
Hike to Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end
A look at Royal Gardens.  From this
angle you can clearly see the streets.
When we were out at the end of Kaimu Chain of Craters road last week with Leane, there were some local guys there
who said the hike to the "2nd" steam plume was only an hour.  Today, I decided to see.  It was.  On the map above, I've
the hike to
Royal Gardens.
Another look up the hill at the steam.
 It's a little hard to see, but you can
see the steam plume coming from
Pu'u O'o vent just behind the
ridge (or
pali, as they call it in
Sunday, November 26, 2006
To the back of Waipio Valley
Robin and I went to visit a woman who Robin had learned of through her web page, Waipio Treehouse.  Here are the directions:  
Back of the valley, pass Hi'ilawe falls, cross 1st stream, turn left 2nd stream, go back a long ways, if you hit the gate at (kia's) at
the end, go back, turn right at dirt entry (a.k.a. mud puddle), taro (kalo marsh on rt.), go back to the river, cross the river - get very
wet and follow the road on the other side, all the way back, crawl under-around the gate, go back to the last house
Looking to the right from the road.  At
far right beyond the trees is the beach.
 You can see the river in the center of
the picture.  Looking at the cliffs (
can you image the kind of drainage
this valley gets?
A view of the "yard".  Just behind that
tree on the right is a waterfall.
Another view of the house
This is the power shed.  On the left is a
hydro power generator which works in
addition to the solar panels to charge
the batteries under the counter.
This is the second house on the
A view of the interior
Not too shabby, huh?
This is the third house.  See what I
mean by not being able to see?
Looking in
Looking back out
There wasn't any angle that
allowed me to get any kind of
picture of the treehouse.  You'll
have to rely on the
Treehouse web page.  It's really
nice.  It's a house in a tree.  It even
has it's own bathroom!