We decided to take another trip up Mauna Kea to see what it was like in the summer.  As you might recall, the last time
we went up was on
March 30 and there was two feet of snow on the ground and we couldn't see a thing.  Above is a
map from the Mauna Kea brochure, starting at the Visitor Information Station at 9200 feet and going to the top.
This explains why we don't see the
mountain a lot from below.
Mauna Loa as we approach the turns to
Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea (see map
page 11)
Some posters in the Visitor's Center explaining the cloud conditions.
This is something we didn't see at all the last time.   You're seeing, from left to
right:  University of Hawai'i 0.6m Telescope
(m is meters), Gemini Northern
Telescope (beyond), and University of Hawai'i 2.2m Telescope
Looking northeast.  The blue is the
ocean way, way, way, way down there!
This the actual summit of Mauna Kea,
(13,796 feet!) off to one side.  We
couldn't walk there because we were
both very out of breath and dizzy from
lack of air!
Gemini Northern Telescope
This is a view to the northwest.  From
left to right:  Subaru Telescope, W.M.
Keck Observatory, and the NASA
Infrared Telescope Facility.  The Keck
Observatory is two telescopes linked
together to form one big "stereo"
Our trusty Jeep.  It's a long hard climb
up the mountain and it did good!
Looking to the northeast again.  You
can see a much better delineation
between sea and sky.  That's a long
way away!
This is the Canada-France-Hawaii
Telescope beyond the ones you saw in
the previous pictures.  This wasn't
visible in those views.
Heading back down.
I don't think there's anything to say
about this!
I like this sign:
"Contact Da Police"
It's not every day you see a sign like
this by the side of the road.
Robin and I decided that since we were halfway across the island, we should finish the trip and visit her son who lives on
the other side of the island.  The area in the "saddle" between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea is pretty much taken up by a
military base.  These are some of the signs we saw along the way.
Photos 2, page 16
September 4, 2006
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