Robin met a woman who needed someone to house-sit for her for a couple of weeks.  The house is in an interesting
subdivision adjacent to the
Champagne Ponds.  It is a gated community that sits on a bunch of tidal pools that are all
interconnected throughout the community.  As a result, many people have ponds in their yards.
From Francine's House, it's a short walk to
the coast where the main pond is.  These
photos show how local people spend their
4th of July.  On the left we have a family who
stand chest deep in the water with all their
necessities floating all around them:  coolers
for drinks and food, charcoal broiler.  The guy
(in the  white hat) has a drink and is smoking
a cigarette.
To the right, we have a family who brought
the whole household with them to the beach.  
No sense in skimping.  Live the good life.
This is the house we sat for.  Nice,
huh?  It's called a multi-facetted house
that has been developed here in
Hawaii.  For more info see  To
the right of the house is this pond -->.  
The water is crystal clear and roughly
7 feet deep.  Just behind the pond in
the trees is another waterway of crystal
clear water that is connected to the
Champagne Ponds on the coast (see
This is a panoramic view of the main pond of
the Champagne Ponds, left to right.  It is
separated from the main ocean by the
shallow area where the lady's standing.  The
depth of this, of course, varies with the tides.  
The land in the background is the side of the
bay we're in which makes this a sheltered
area.  Those are our friends, Tanya and John
(in the hat and sun glasses), in the middle
photo.  As you look to the right, you can see
the houses that are clustered in around the
ponds which extend into the subdivision.  Very
Here are some more views of the Hawaiian family on holiday.  In the left hand
photo you can see John and his daughter Emmy (short for Emerson) on the right.
John & Emmy
These pictures are taken from in back
of the main pond.  The photo on the
left is exposed for the pond, the photo
on the right is exposed so that you can
see the ocean in the background - the
shallow area that separates the ponds
from the ocean.  The ponds extend
into the subdivision even farther than
where this pictures was taken from.
This is a map in Jagger Museum that
shows the various distances from the
lava flow.  On the night of Mar 12 (
4), we made it as far as the Steam
plume viewing area in the dark.  I'd
really like to get out to the very end
Panoramic view of Halema'uma'u Crater, left to right.  Today is raining and the
wind's blowing like crazy, almost knocking us off our feet.  Because of the
dampness, the steam shows up much better than on sunny days when we've
been here.  You may wonder why we keep going back to Kilauea.  Well, first
there's the buffet.  Then there's the fact that it's an extremely cool place.  But
the main reason is it's a great place to meet friends who are coming over from
the other side of the island.  Sort of a mid-way point.
On the way back to the cars, Robin noticed
this fencepost out of the ground....
Sort of makes your feet feel a little hot...
The fence is there to keep people from
walking in this, which, I guess, would
make your feet feel a lot hotter!  They
are steam vents coming from the lava
about 2600 feet below us.
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July 4, 2006
Fourth of July
July 8, 2006
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