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Driveway 1.1
January 21, 2018
Ready?  Here we go again.  You don't have to do this but I want to check it out
again.  It's been raining heavily since yesterday and I want to see how it's going.  I'm
armed with my big umbrella and rubber boots (ayuh, rubbah boots).
Now back to the house...
It's been raining for days.  Just checking out the puddles from my back door...
Looking from the tool tent toward the south, next view from the right...
Layout 1.0
February 21, 2018
A whole month later!  My excavator came down with pneumonia and I had to get a new guy.  Now I'm waiting for him...
While I'm waiting, I did a little rough layout to see if my house would fit!
Entering the site from the south.
Rebuilt tool tent on the right...
Looking from the east side.
Looking southward.
The strings and the orange line are
aligned East-West.  That means the
long side of the house will face south,
the angle I want to aim my solar panels.
Look what I found!
May 9, 2018
I finally got somebody to do my driveway.  It's gonna cost me a lot more than I
had hoped but at least I'll finally be able to get on with it.
Rat Cat had to investigate.  She
crawled all over that thing, sniffing...
May 11
The guy had a family emergency and had to go take care of it so the machine just sat there in my back yard...
This is a rock hammer.  It attaches to
the end of the boom.  That pointy thing
goes up and down...
This is the ripper...
That claw sticking up is the "thumb".  
When used with the bucket, it forms
jaws that allows the operator to pick
things up (such as trees, etc.).
So I decided to examine the equipment...
And the bucket...
I should have something in there to
show scale, but...
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