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Photos 10 -
October 4, 2017
Nite Lites
My office in the dark...
Computer Guts
I've been struggling for months to get a
computer that will run my antiquated
essential software (CADD).  Here I'm
trying to put together one good
computer out of three old ones.  I was
successful and I'm a very happy guy...!
I got these cool solar yard lites that I
strung up.  It's like walking in moonlite!  
No more candles and lanterns!
I always wanted to find a place where
nothing was anybody's fault!
My neighbor has finally gotten around to putting in his driveway.  He wanted to
locate it along the property line.  We'd been messing around locating the line,
hacking through the jungle since November of 2015, using GPS, compass, and
dead reckoning.
Mark (left) and the neighbor, Tim...
Road-building in Hawaii.  Bring a dozer
in and just
flatten everything...  Watch
and see...
He busts everything up and then squashes it with the sheer weight and size of the machine.
Compare that to how I did it
He uses this nasty hook on the back to rip up the rock...  There is probably 3 or 4 inches of soil and then it's all lava rock...
This has little to do with me but not much happens in the neighborhood so this was pretty interesting....
Later on, a view from my property.  They're maybe a hundred feet away...
A view from my tool tent in my clearing
Mark & Tim on the right
This is pretty much the end.  They'll
clear an area for the house...
800 feet of road in 2 days...
December 8, 2017
Previously - Note the dead tree at the end
of the house (black arrow upper right)
I noticed the tree on my roof...!
One day during some high winds, I was in my office in the shed doing something when I heard some kind of crashing noise
from the other end of the "building" but never could identify it.  Then one day several weeks later I was in the yard...
And it was another couple of weeks
before that I realized my roof was bent!
Eh, what's a few dents?
Neighbor's Driveway
July 17, 2017