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Photos 10 -
Photos 10 -
A Man Can Use His Back...
January 7, 2017
My sister sent me something for
Christmas.  Before I was done unwrapping
the contents, Miss Kitty had moved in.  I
kept telling her she wouldn't fit but she
was determined.  She actually fell asleep
for an hour or so...

The next morning... -->
A line from an old Eagles song:  "...a man can use his back or use his brains..."
An electric winch!
Runs off a 12 volt battery, bolted it to a tree and ran out the 50 ft. cable.  Works
like a charm!
Now I can drag all my logs into one pile and get them out of the clearing altogether.  It's slow tedious work because the logs
keep getting hung up and I have to stop and pry them free.  A lot of walking back and forth.  Sure beats doing it by hand!
The only problem is getting the battery back there.  It's heavy
- 50 pounds?  I needed a big-wheeled cart to lug it with, and
finally found it.  It's nice and wide so it doesn't tip easily and
the big wheels allow it to roll over most stumps or roots.  It's
still a lot of work wrestling it over the path but beats carrying
heavy loads!  I need to be able to move the battery back and
forth so I can charge it when I need to...
Looking west
Looking south at new driveway
This must be north...
Just for yucks, here's the clearing on 3/2/16, taken from the center
Looking east
And here's what it looks like on 1/17/17
Future Driveway
May 13, 2017
Not much going on.  Just waiting for money.  Here's the driveway.  I tried to take shots at each turning point, starting at my
existing hovel and heading back to the clearing.  I don't know if this interests anyone, but it's in here for the record.  We'll
see these again later...
Next pic between those 2 bushes
Next pic by that log laying down
Next pic at that Hapu'u fern (tree fern)
Hapu'u fern
Just to the right is this guy, a little hard
to pick out from the ohia tree behind it.
Continuing on...
Next shot by that blue tarp...
<-- and ^ same shot, ^width
Next shot by that little stump in the
Next shot @ stump
There's a little ridge before that hapu'u
fern.  Next shot there.
Standing on little ridge looking down at
next spot
Standing @ spot, looking toward
clearing beyond right-leaning tree
Oops!  Now we're back at the road,
looking at the entrance to my estate.
Same shot, only vertical -->
The front of my mansion.  All tarps are
raise-able - really nice on a hot day!  
Down for rain and wind...
The backside (working) side of my
mansion, showing the rain catchment
arrangement - overflowing barrels.  
Sheets serve as filters.  Tarp on this
end raises to open up the kitchen...
A Man Can Use His Back...