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The New Homestead
October 21, 2016
I've been working on the clearing where I hope to put my house someday.  It may be more pictures of bushes, which I'd like
to avoid, but hopefully there's enough perspective now so that you can see something.  I had to cut down more big trees
than I wanted to but I had to clear them back enough so they didn't fall on the house someday!
Approaching the clearing from the
south.  I want to keep the leaning tree
and run the driveway under it...
Here's the clearing as you step into it from the south.  It's hard to see, but
there's a
hapu'u fern to the right of the brush pile, just left of center.  That's
where the house goes...  I moved all those logs by myself...
Standing at the center of the clearing,
looking at the trail that heads
north to
the back of the property
Standing at center looking northeast at
my tool tent...
Looking east from the center...
Looking southeast from center - that's where the
driveway comes in...
Looking west from center
Looking north from center
My tool tent...
Looking northeast from west...
I'm moving the logs on the left to a spot
to the left of the tool tent in the back...
--> Lined up ready to go...
Wrap a chain around a tree and use a
comealong to drag the logs into place...
Looking back along the chain.  I'm
dragging the loose logs into this pile...
This is a panorama looking at the
clearing from the west...
This one's a big mother!
A couple more put to bed!

I just want to say that the comealong
(foreground, left picture; far right, right
picture) is what makes it possible to
move the logs.  But each crank of the
blue handle only takes up about an
inch of cable!  So moving the logs is
an inch-by-inch proposition...  One
learns patience...
Just some random stuff...
The on/off switch stopped working on
my workstation so I had to hot wire it...

Just touch the red wire to the blue wire
(or vise versa!) and I'm good to go!
I had to inspect the installation of a
septic system.  As you can see, there's
not much dirt...  In case you are
confused, there are two excavators...
A view of Hawaii that you won't find
anywhere else!
The Arbor Day people had a giveaway of local plants.  I want to repopulate my clearing with desirable plants so...
My volunteers...

Left to right -->
(Pacific Rosewood)
White Hibiscus
(a tree endemic to Hawii)
I don't know...
Another Kukui
Merry Christmas!  I managed to dig out my photo stitching software to make much better views of the clearing...
(Yes, I did check the sun angles on 12/21...)
Taken from the tool tent looking southwest...
The driveway will come in under that leaning tree on the left.  The house will be in the middle of
the picture...  The next photo will be from the edge of the bushes on the right...
Taken from the north, looking south...
Tool tent on the left, driveway under the left-leaning tree.  The right-leaning tree is a "widowmaker"
- it's been cut and is hung up on the tree behind it.  I'll wait for the bulldozer to drag it out of there -
I'm not messing with it!  Next picture from the edge of the bushes on the right...
Taken from the west, looking east...