Tons of movies have been made on
Kauai, including "Six Days and Seven
Nights", "Jurassic Park 1, 2, 3", and
"King Kong"
The Kapa'a, Hawaii, cop shop.  Cute,
isn't it?
There was a lookout on the ridge that
looked out over Ni'ihau.  We couldn't
see it due to the haze, but here's some
more info.
This is looking down the Kalalau
on the Na Pali Coast.  As you
can see, it has very limited access.
Looking back down Waimea Valley to
the ocean in the distance
Kalalau Valley.  Notice the boat
heading off to the right.  The only way
to get into the valley except a very
arduous (as you might imagine) walk!
Turn around and you see a radar dome
For this
Heading back down the valley, yet another view of Moeloa Falls.  The fact is, there are zillions of waterfalls all over the
interior of the island.  This is because it rains there all the time.  On
Mt. Wai'ale'ale (5148 ft.), 451 inches per year fall,
making it the wettest spot on earth!
Down in the town, Kapa'a, which is
right on the beach
These guys were in the background of the previous picture
This is a house that Robin lived in for awhile.  It's not the place marked on the map, it's in Kapa'a town, on the beach.
This Kilauea Lighthouse at Kilauea Bay where the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is located.  In case you
hadn't guessed, it's in the town of
Kilauea, on the north shore of Kauai
Look!  Nenes!  And they're not even crossing the road.  Why did the Nene cross the road?
No, she's not saluting, the sun's just in
her eyes!
Isn't this just incredibly fucking beautiful?
Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge
This is the house we stayed in for the
weekend, a friend of Robin's
At the end of the road you see this...
Photos 2, page 2
Notice how much the wind is blowing the
waterfall to the side
Another view of Moeloa Falls as we
move up the canyon
Yet another angle
Inside Bubba's
Friday, June 16, 2006
Day 1
Robin noticed some white specks on
the top of the ridge above the falls
It's people!
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Day 2
Downtown Kapa'a.  The road directly ahead
leads to where we stayed for the weekend.
Bubba's.  "We cheat tourists, drunks, and
attorneys" and "We relish your buns"
Today we went the other way, heading north through Kilauea and Hanalei to the end of the
highway at
Ke'e Beach.