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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Halema'uma'u at night
October 16, 2012
6:45 PM
Here are a couple of shots of the
Halema'uma'u Crater at night.  The
lava is within 100 feet of the surface
(the highest it's been).
Mauna Ulu Tour
October 20, 2012
Another nice day where I just had to get outside.  I stopped off at Mauna Ulu and ended up hooking up with an
informational tour provided by The Park every day, guided by a ranger (green line).  After the tour, I decided to
Mauna Ulu (magenta line) - I had never been over to the other side...
10:25 AM @ *015
At stop #1 in the brochure, about to
turn right to go to the spatter field...
Link to a pdf file of the very informative
Park brochure.  Click the image to
10:27 AM @ *017
Mauna Ulu beyond the spatter field...
10:27 AM @ *017
Looking the other way with some
people for scale...
10:28 AM @ *022
10:29 AM @ *022
This is Ranger Rebecca.  She's telling us how the eruption happened...
She's a local girl.  I wonder if she ever learned hula - talking with her hands...!
10:40 AM @ *030
Our little group moving on.  That's
Mauna Kea in the background...
10:40 AM @ *030
Zoom.  See?
10:55 AM @ *039
Rebecca telling us the Hawaiian legend
Ohia, the tree, and Lehua, it's
11:42 AM @ *060
Almost to the top of
Pu'u Huluhulu,
looking over at
Mauna Ulu.
11:55 AM @ *062
Here's the view east from the top of
Pu'u Huluhulu.  The hump in the middle is Kanenuihamo which is just to the left of
Makaopuhi Crater.  Pu'u O'o is beyond and to the left of Kanenuihamo...
12:09 PM @ *062
Looking the other way, there's
with the plume from
Halema'uma'u in front...
Here's my track around Mauna Ulu.  Because of deep ravines coming down the south side, I had to go down around and
back up again.  In the image on the right, I've left out the track so you can see what the terrain was like...
12:23 PM @ *066
Just before getting up on the "perched
lava pond", looking back at
12:25 PM @ *073
At the edge of the "perched lava pond"
looking back at
Pu'u Huluhulu
12:29 PM @ *074
A little higher on
Mauna Ulu, looking
across the "perched lava pond" to
Pu'u Huluhulu
12:34 PM @ *080
Same view from near the top of
12:38 PM @ *085
Looking south from the top of
12:38 PM @ *085
12:40 PM @ *087
Sort of a panorama of the crater at the top of
Mauna Ulu...  I didn't want to get too close...
12:40 PM @ *093
I reached out with the camera and took
a blind shot of as deep as I could into
the crater.  I didn't dare go any closer
to the edge!
12:41 PM @ *096
12:42 PM @ *097
I have to follow this flow channel down - I don't want to risk trying to cross it.  
That's the ocean back there, some 3500 feet below...
12:42 PM @ *097
Looking back up...
12:43 PM @ *100
12:43 PM @ *101
I think I can get across here...
Notice that everything is coated with a thin layer of smooth lava - spray from the
lava fountains I would guess.
12:50 PM @ *108
12:51 PM @ *114
12:55 PM @ *118
The Mauna Ulu lava shield is roughly 400 feet above the surrounding terrain.  
All of it and the lava as far as the eye can see came out of here.  All the way to
the ocean...  It's like a freakin' volcano!
12:55 PM @ *120
Looking up...
1:03 PM @ *129
Take me to your leader!
Plastic coolers make excellent weatherproof
containers for field equipment...
1:05 PM
There!  The bottom!
This is a "reach" shot...
1:05 PM @ *132
Mauna Loa, half-hidden in clouds, and
Halema'uma'u steaming away looking
across the
Mauna Ulu crater...
1:05 PM @ *134
Pu'u O'o can be seen peeking over
the left shoulder of
Kanenuihamo with
Makaopuhi Crater to the right...
1:11 PM @ *137
1:11 PM @ *137
1:11 PM @ *141
Looking down the flow channel to the
"perched lava pond" and across to
Pu'u Huluhulu.  Halema'uma'u is
steaming just to the left of it...
Here's a view of the hike.  The green line tracks the route
with the guided tour, starting at "Park" and ending at the top
Pu'u Huluhulu.  The magenta line shows where I went
after that, starting at the top of
Pu'u Huluhulu and going
counterclockwise around the
Mauna Ulu crater.
That's all, folks!