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Photos 8 -
Mauna Loa Road
October 13, 2012
This is a great shot!
On a magnificently clear day, this is taken from the side of
Mauna Loa, at around 6600 feet, looking southeast at Kilauea.  
Mauna Ulu.  In front of that, are, from left to right, Volcano Village, Kilauea Caldera, and Halema'uma'u Crater.  
Notice that the clouds and plumes from
Pu'u O'o and Halema'uma'u are moving from left to right, in the direction of the
trade winds.  This is what it's like most of the time.  Every once in a while the wind blows from the south, annoying everyone
as far as
Oahu with the vog...
Mauna Ulu & Punalu'u
October 14, 2012
Looking for something to do, Robin and I first went to Mauna Ulu where I wanted to show Robin the spatter ramparts.  I'd
Chain of Craters Road to the bottom where we poked around in the 20 mph winds for a while.  The day was still
young, so we decided we'd go check out the black sand beach at
Punalu'u.  Then lunch at the Hana Hou, the
southernmost restaurant in the USA, in
Na'alehu.  Just killing an afternoon on the Big Island...
First stop, Mauna Ulu.  In this view, Mauna Ulu is to the right.  If you projected the line of the
road to the right, you'd hit it.  As a matter of fact the road actually did go that way but it's now
under 400 or so feet of lava.  Anyway, in this view, you can see the cracks that opened up and
geysered lava that eventually built up into the
Mauna Ulu that we see today.
11:58 AM @ *002
Robin on the right, a couple of people
on the left in the shade looking down
into one of the cracks..
12:02 PM @ *003
Looking west, there's that same couple
walking among the spatter ramparts.
12:03 PM @ *005
Looking east, there's
Mauna Ulu...
That's all you get!  Go to pages 207, 222, and 223 if you want more!
This is the bottom of Chain of Craters Road.  The road is barricaded just past where that white van is.  The
pavement continues another half mile or so and then it is completely covered in lava for another 7 or 8 miles
And then on to Punalu'u to get wet!  Rather than dealing with surf and stuff, we like to find a
nice tidal pool where we can just float around and relax.  We found a good one around
*045-*048.  At one point, I took a walk and check out the beach...
2:46 PM @ *032
The sign says:
Stay 15 feet away (including taking pictures)
and it then says the same thing in
Japanese (I assume)
2:39 PM @ *022
Punalu'u Beach

2:41 PM @ *024
A little lower down...
2:47 PM @ *036
This sign says:
100 Feet or 33 Meters
Rip Current Goes Out To Sea On EAST (left) Side of
2:49 PM @ *039
continuing down the beach...
2:49 PM @ *039
Plenty of kids swimming...
2:59 PM @ *040
Looking back...
Back at our tide pool...
Robin's lying at the edge of the water...
3:07 PM @ *046
That's the thing with Robin,
everywhere she goes, she's picking up
3:07 PM @ *048
Robin was there first!  I guess the
turtle (or
honu) didn't read the sign
about staying 15 feet away!
Punalu'u Beach is one of the major
egg-laying areas for the endangered
sea turtles.  There are certain times of
the year when the beach is closed off
so that the eggs can hatch and the
babies can make their way to the
And then off to eat at the Hana Hou, a funky little restaurant on a side street in the quiet little town of Na'alehu.  Just
another boring day in paradise...