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Photos 8 -
Na'ulu Trail again
October 6, 2012
I parked at what's called the Kealakomo Overlook.  Here's a YouTube video about it.  The
Kealakomo Overlook looks over the former location of the village of Kealakomo on the coast.
 The village was wiped out in a 1971 lava flow.  Such is life on The Big Island...
Yesterday, I walked 3 miles in my everyday shoes - my slippahs.  Today, I decided to get a little
more energetic and put my boots and pack on, and get the trekking poles out from behind the seat.
 The idea was, once again, to hike up to
Makaopuhi Crater and explore out past Napau Crater if I
could.  Once again, I turned back.  I hadn't hiked in a while and I didn't want to push my luck.  
Besides, my feet were sore from
yesterday!  As it turned out, a good 5.5 mile hike in 3.5 hours.
9:34 AM
On my way to
Kilauea Military Camp
for breakfast, I stuck my camera out
the window to get a shot of
10:52 AM @ "Park"
Check out the sky...
10:53 AM
Here we go...
10:53 AM @ *007
There were low clouds everywhere.  For some reason, this didn't bother me.  For one thing,
there was very little wind, just a breeze from the south.  Normally, there's a 10-15 mph trade
wind blowing that brings the rain in.  I was figuring that without the wind, the rain wouldn't come
(I was right!).
10:55 AM @ "Check-Out"
Full size (2.9 MB) image so you can
read the stuff...
10:56 AM @ *009
This is the worst part of the trail...
10:59 AM @ *012
11:00 AM @ *013
11:02 AM @ *014
Finally, smooth
pahoehoe to walk on
11:02 AM @ *014
Looking up the hill where I'm going...
11:25 AM @ *017
Looking back down the hill.  Photo on left exposed for the terrain, photo on right
exposed for the sky...
11:43 AM @ *027
A piece of the old
Chain of Craters
is just ahead on the right...
11:45 AM
11:45 AM
And some more ahead...
11:46 AM
I always have to walk on it...
11:47 AM @ *033
Looking back...
12:15 PM @ *046
I think we're approaching the next
piece of old road....
12:15 PM
You can see the growth where the lava
didn't get to...
12:18 PM @ *049
There it is, the old road...
12:18 PM
12:19 PM
A wild orchid...
12:21 PM @ *054
The lava flowed right down the road....
12:22 PM @ *054
The lava came in from the left (the
direction of Mauna Ulu) and flowed
onto the road...
12:22 PM @ *054
Just above...
12:23 PM @ *056
12:23 PM
Here's the now closed Kalapana Trail...
12:27 PM @ *060
The last bit of pavement...
12:28 PM
And then the trail does this...
12:29 PM
And this...
12:32 PM @ *066
And then heads into the woods...

Where the lava didn't go...
12:32 PM @  "GATE"
See the gate down there?  It's about 6 feet tall.  That's the difference between the
"normal" ground and the lava I've been walking on...
1:27 PM @ *077
On the way back down, there's that
patch of pavement...