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Photos 8 -
Mauna Ulu Spatter Rampart
August 16, 2012
Two things:  first, a short hike for a look at the Mauna Ulu "Spatter Rampart" and then a car
ride up the
Mauna Loa road to it's end...
When the Mauna Ulu eruption first started, it consisted of giant cracks opening up and
producing huge fountains of lava over a thousand feet in the air.  Eventually the eruption
concentrated where Mauna Ulu now stands, building the cone.  I want to follow the cracks...
Link to a pdf file of the
very informative Park
brochure.  Click the
image to download.
I'm showing you my path in (green) and path out (magenta) and then I'm just showing my path faintly so you can see the
terrain better...
Here's a 3D view of things.  Mauna Ulu is the big hill, the other one is Pu'u Huluhulu.  I see some cracks I haven't covered
11:02 AM
I'm going to head right up toward
Mauna Ulu from here...
11:03 AM
If you look closely at the Google Earth
images, you see what looks like a little
road off the side of the main road.  
This is what it looks like here...
11:12 AM @ *722
Heading toward Mauna Ulu.  What you
see on the ground is cinder that was
blown from the Mauna Ulu eruptions by
the wind...
11:14 AM @ *724
Too bad the sun's on the wrong side of this thing.  This is a build-up of spatter from the
lava fountaining out of the crack pictured on the right...
11:16 AM @ *730
Here's some spatter from the sunny
11:16 AM
More crack & spatter...
11:16 AM @ *733
Another angle...
11:17 AM @ *734
11:20 AM @ *738
Cracks, spatter,
Mauna Ulu
11:20 AM @ *738
A little wider shot...
11:22 AM @ *750
11:22 AM @ *750
11:23 AM @ *755
Tree mold...
11:24 AM
Getting around to the sunny side...
11:25 AM @ *765
11:25 AM
Pretty awesome, huh?  Must have been something...!
11:32 AM @ *784
11:33 AM @ *786
Looking back...
11:35 AM @ *790
People for scale...
11:36 AM @ *791
People again...
11:36 AM @ *791
Zoomed in...
11:37 AM @ *794
11:37 AM after *794
Stop #2 in our
"The earth opened up, and lava burst forth
to herald the arrival of
Pele, the Hawaiian
volcano deity."
11:38 AM
11:40 Am @ * 808
Looking back...
11:41 AM @ *809
Makes me feel ticklish...!
11:44 AM @ *812
I wanted to follow the cracks all the way up to
Mauna Ulu but this a'a lava is in
the way.  I can't get through this...
Stop #3 in the brochure
"The earth shuddered as lava fountains
roared skywards.  Smoldering cinders
rained down and blanketed the land."
12:06 PM @ *825
This was once a sea of lava
After it hardened, the cinder dusted
over the top...
Looking over at the formations I
passed going in...