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Photos 8 -
Na'ulu Trail (aborted)
August 7, 2012
The idea was to hike up the Na'ulu Trail to the Napau Crater Trail at Makaopuhi Crater and,
if the weather held out, go out to
Napau Crater.  I'd love to explore out there, but it's so far to
get to and the weather often isn't favorable.  Anyway, it was a nice day and it would be good to
get out...
10:15 AM
Pu'u Huluhulu & Mauna Ulu
10:24 AM approaching "Park"
This is my stop.  The sign says,
10:25 AM @ "Park"
You can see all the way to
from here...
10:25 AM @ "Park"
'Apua Point, 2,000 feet below...
10:25 AM @ "Park"
Looking left, that's rain, blowing in from
the left (east)...
10:35 AM @ "Park"
Looking north, where I'm headed, the
10:35 AM @ "Park"
But looking east doesn't look so good...
10:45 AM @ "Park"
You can see that rain moving out over
the ocean, left to right...
10:45 AM @ "Park"
And behind that, looking east...
I don't know...
10:45 AM @ "Park"
North of that, northeast...
10:49 AM @ "Park"
Starting out, heading north...
11:36 AM @ *266
There's that piece of road...
11:48 AM @ *271
Looking west...
Looking east, 15 mph winds in my face
with rain sprinkles
Looking southeast...
Hiking up, I started to encounter the occasional sprinkle ("SPR").  By the time I got to the old piece of road, the sprinkles
were growing more frequent.  I was headed north, but the higher on the mountain I got, the clouds and rain started
encroaching from the east.  I was basically hiking into the weather.  I'd played this song before, so I turned around and
headed back.
12:15 PM @ "Park"
Still looks good...
So that was it.  I guess I'm just a wuss but I've been out on that mountain before soaking wet and cold with miles to go and I
didn't want to do it again!  The rain accompanied me home...
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau
August 13, 2012
Robin and I decided we needed some beach time.  So we drove the 82 miles to Robin's
favorite spot at Honaunau to bask in the tide pools.
12:42 AM
Just a look around at Honaunau from...
From my ongoing theme, "Hawaii Between the Toes"
I achieved the perfect "float"...  You've got to lay back and
completely relax!  Easier said than done...  Takes practice...
It's really hard getting Robin out of there...
Just kidding, we got out and ate lunch and
then got back in again!