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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Na'ulu Trail again (continued)
July 2, 2012
Not too shabby!  Check out the grey line that marks my guess for where the road should be...
I marked the other piece of pavement between point *250 and EOR (
End Of Road).  The green line is my route up.  The
magenta line is my path back where I was specifically looking for more road.  The dark red line is my path from
June 5,
coming down with the weather behind me.  I wasn't looking around!
12:31 PM @ *250
Here's another piece...
12:32 PM just past "EOR"
Looking back...
12:45 PM @ *252
Looking to the west, you can see the
plume from
Halema'uma'u and the
little bump of
Mauna Ulu, where all this
comes from, to the right of it.
12:45 PM @ *252
And to the right of that is
Kanenuihamo which is right behind
Makaopuhi Crater.  I'm not going that
far...  Look at the clouds...
12:50 PM @ *260
More smooth walkin'...
12:59 PM @ *262
I'm headed for the line of trees
ahead...  I think that's where the road
1:04 PM @ *267
Here we are!
I walked up (cyan line) and followed the lava flow back up to where I broke out of the trees
(*274).  Then I cut back over to pick up the trail again to the topmost location (above *277).
1:04 PM @ *267
Looking up the hill.  Straight
road, dotted lines, passing
1:07 PM @ *270
Definitely no passing...
1:09 PM @ *271
I'm going to follow the lava off
to the left and see where it's
coming from...
1:10 PM @ *271
The road continues, but I'm
going left...
1:12 PM @ *274
Waaay over there, that little hump is
Mauna Ulu which made all this mess...
1:16 PM @ *277
1:20 PM @ *279
Coming back down, here's the next
piece.  It's more tan than the lava.  
Notice the two rusty waist-high metal
posts on the right.
1:20 PM @ *279
1:23 PM @ "Jct"
The trail to
Lae'apuki, the Kalapana
is no longer maintained.  It too is
buried in lava...
1:24 PM @ *285
Kalapana Trail
1:26 PM @ *271
This is where I turned off to the right
following the lava upstream...
1:26 PM @ *288
The lava came in and ran right down
the road...
1:28 PM @ *289
1:28 PM @ *290
1:29 PM approaching *267
End of the road, literally!
I took all the tracks out so you can see better what Google Earth provides.  Clouds!  What a buncha dummies!  You can
see the Kalapana Trail leading off to the right and you can see something at the bottom of the image.
In this view, I marked in yellow the portions of the road that I
could find.  I think the road continued straight through
(remember the dotted lines).  The curved part of my (blue)
track follows what I think was a turn-out or parking area.
And this is the best Google has to offer.  It's hard to see but
you have to remember there's lava running down half of it...
So, anyway, I found some convenient shade and ate a quick lunch (Clif bar) and got off my feet and headed back.  I tried to
find other signs of the road but I don't think there are any.  Everywhere else there's at least 20 feet of lava!
2:29 PM @ * 293
A collapsed lava tube...  Didn't see it going up.  I was looking the other way!
2:56 PM between *221 & *216
The end is near...
This was a pretty good hike.  Totally spontaneous.  The uphill wasn't too bad.  It was 2.2 miles each way and seemed more
strenuous going down than it was going up (but maybe that was because I went up before I went down!).
Hiking in this area is kind of tricky because the wind is usually blowing at least 15 mph and the weather (rain) can come in
very quickly.  Because of the wind, it rains horizontally and there's no way you're going to keep from getting soaked!  And
then, thanks to the wind, it's really cold!  So a nice hike can turn into a complete drag in the space of 15 minutes...
As it turned out, it started to spit rain as I got in the truck to leave and was raining pretty good by the time I left the Park...