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Photos 8 -
Na'ulu Trail again
July 2, 2012
If the last trip to Na'ulu Trail was well-planned, this one was equally unplanned.  It was one of
those gorgeous days that demanded that I go out and do
something!  I left the house with no
idea other than to go up to "The Park" and see what inspired me.  I eventually settled on trying
Na'ulu Trail from the bottom up as far as the old Chain of Craters Road.
On the previous hike, I saw that the grade wasn't all that bad going down so I thought I might
be able to drag my carcass up the 500 or so feet of elevation without too much trouble.  The
weather was perfect:  in the low 70s, a good breeze blowing, scattered clouds.  The hike up
was marked with a green line, in this case mostly covered by the magenta line which is the hike
down.  I also broke things up at the site of the old road using the cyan line for the walk up and
the blue line for the walk down.  I've also included my hike from June 5 in dark red.  The grey
line marks the trace I made of the old
Chain of Craters Road from an old topo map.
I parked at what's called the Kealakomo Overlook.  Here's a YouTube video about it.  The
Kealakomo Overlook looks over the former location of the village of Kealakomo on the coast.
 The village was wiped out in a 1971 lava flow.  Such is life on The Big Island...
11:15 AM @ "Park"
Looking south along the coast on a
clear day...
11:36 AM @ "Park"
That's the trailhead across the street...
11:37 AM @ *210
Here we go!
11:38 AM @ *211
Looking back...
Looking ahead...
11:40 AM @ *215
Looking back again...
11:41 AM @ *216
Looking ahead...
11:43 AM @ *221
Looking ahead...  You can see the
road on the left side...
11:44 AM @ *224
Turning uphill, the trail gets on the
pahoehoe lava, nice...
11:50 AM @ *225
Looking east.  I'm keeping an eye on
those clouds.  That's the direction the
weather will come from...
11:51 AM @ *225
This is what it looks like in the other
direction (south)...
11:59 AM @ *230
I call this a "highway"
11:59 AM @ *230
Checking the sky...
It took me a few minutes to figure out that the trail goes up to the right of that
weird rock...
12:19 PM @ *244
ohia looks ready to party...
12:21 PM @ * 246
Going for those trees...  Not very steep
and smooth walkin'...
seen this the last time.