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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Keanakako'i Crater
June 16, 2012
This turned out to be a double dip!  I read that the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had opened a section of the Crater
Rim Trail
as far as Keanakako'i Crater.  I'd already been out a couple of times before they'd opened the trail and I
thought I'd be interesting to go "legally".  After I'd done the first hike and was driving back up
Chain of Craters Road, I
learned that
Crater Rim Road was also open for hikers out to Keanakako'i Crater.  So, what the hell, I'd do that one too.  
I'm glad I did!  Green lines are the hike out, magenta lines, the hike back.
The first hike...
1:56 PM @ *193
1:57 PM @ *196
1:58 PM @
1:59 PM @ *199
1:59 PM @ *200
2:01 PM @ *201
2:05 PM @ *202
The trail will skirt the edge of this lava
flow for a little while...
Just giving you a look at the trail as we go along...
2:07 PM @ *206
2:08 PM @ *207
2:09 Pm @ *208
Going to cut across this flow...
2:10 PM @ *209
Halema'uma'u.  I'm headed that
2:16 PM @ *211
The fence was there before.  It's to
keep feral pigs out.

2:16 PM
This is new...
(if you want to go past this gate,
go to
page 195)
2:17 PM @ *217
The fence goes literally to the edge of
Keanakako'i Crater.  More about
the crater later...

(Craters are hard to photograph and get right.
distorting things.)
2:26 PM @ *220
I thought about following the fence, but
changed my mind because the lava's
too "crunchy"
2:35 PM @ *224
So instead I go the other way and
follow the edge of
Keanakako'i Crater
and breaks through easily.  Crunch!)
Keanakako'i Crater - Hike 2
3:30 PM @ "Start 2"
I had taken my boots off and driven up
Chain of Craters Road to where it met
Crater Rim Drive.  At the intersection,
there was a sign at the entrance to the
Devastation Trail parking lot.
3:31PM @ *227
So I parked the car, put my shoes and
pack back on and headed out...
3:33 PM @ *231
Just some samples of the road...
3:40 PM @ *234
3:41 PM
Check out the cinder on both sides of the road.  That stuff was thrown out of
some eruption or other...