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Photos 8 -
April 1, 2012
Today we get to go boating with Ray and Ellen again!  Whenever we go on the boat, we are continually fishing (trolling).  
Today was a good example of "a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work".  We were out for nearly 8 hours and
caught only one fish - a barracuda.  It was delicious!
We basically cruised at 6 or 7 mph for 20 miles, hugging the
coast on the way south (green line) and taking a slightly
more direct route back (magenta line) at 8 or 9 mph.
Here's where we caught the fish - directly below Ray's house!
Here's a 3D view looking north to give you and idea of the
And here's a 3D view that gives you an idea of how much the
sea floor drops off.  Cruising back (magenta line) offshore,
the depth finder would "lose" the bottom...
9:35 AM
Honaunau Bay, we went by
these people...
10:09 AM @ *016
10:10 AM @ *016
The only access here would be by 4WD...
10:28 AM
Somebody's got themselves a nice
secluded beach...
10:40 AM @ *026
There are some people on the shore...
Check out the terrain behind them...
10:40 AM @ *026
10:43 AM @ *030
Talk about secluded beaches...
10:59 AM @ *038
Really nice house in a very
inhospitable location
11:01 AM @ *040
Right next door is this interesting lava
flow with a "stream" of vegetation down
the middle of it.  Also, there's a road
running diagonally across it...
11:18 AM @ *057
Check this out...
11:19 AM @ *057
11:32 AM @ *074
Check this out...  How did this happen?
11:41 AM @ *086
The lava formations here are insane...
11:45 AM @ "Dolphins"
Thar she blows!
12:27 PM @ *036
"Dead End"
12:32 PM
The sign said "Oceanfront Property"!
1:27 PM
On the way back...
One last look...

I enhanced this photo to better show
the zigzag road coming down..
2:16 PM
Looks like somebody started
something and didn't finish...
Or it fell down...
2:29 PM @ *074
Looking at that road coming down the
2:29 PM
Looks like another road being built...
3:14 PM
Some more people fishing in front of
some awesome scenery...