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Photos 8 -
Hilina Pali Again Again!
March 27, 2012
The real reason I keep trying this hike is because it's not raining.  On the windward side, where
we live, we've had a long run of rainy weather and sometimes I just have to get out and walk
I'm going is all brown!  No rain.  This reprises previous attempts on
7/23/12 and 3/8/12.
Hilina Pali Road is, as you can see, a very twisty affair.  20 mph in most places.  It's almost as
entertaining as the hike itself.  I managed to take some pictures...
In this view, I'm showing the marked trails in red with the distances in miles.  If you look close,
you can also see that I'm basically walking along the top of a cliff that's roughly 1500 feet high...
11:21 AM @ *003
11:22 AM @ *006
11:26 AM @ *008
At first, the road is fairly civilized...
11:35 AM @ *009
11:37 AM @ *015
And then the terrain changes a little bit...
12:07 PM @ "Park"
12:07 PM @ "Park"
This is sort of a panorama from the parking area.  I will be heading down the coast to the right, following the path just to the
right of that information sign on the right...
12:18 PM @ *023
Just starting out...
12:20 PM
Temperature's about 75 with a good
stiff 20 mph wind
12:45 PM @ *578
1:19 PM @ *587
A ridge ahead...
12:45 PM @ *578
A view of the coastline, looking past
Pahala and Naalehu to South Point

12:52 PM @ *580
Watch your step!  It's hard to see the
very uneven ground through the
1:23 PM @ *591

A look back...
1:38 PM @ "Return"
On the way back...
2:40 PM
Once again, I kept thinking about the (uphill) hike back.  The trail continued downhill and the further I went, the more I had
to hike back up the hill again.  Finally, I decided to turn back.  I just didn't feel like beating myself up.  Besides, the terrain
wasn't all that interesting...