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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Hilina Pali Again
March 8, 2012
I decided to take another try at the Hilina Pali Trail to the Pepeiao Cabin.  I had aborted the
previous attempt due to weather so I wanted to finish it...
By the way, notice how straight the road is (white line)...
11:11 AM @ *001
I'm watching this escarpment running
along beside the road...
11:13 AM @ *002
11:14 AM @ *003
11:14 AM @ *004
11:15 AM @ *005
11:15 AM @ *006
11:16 AM @ *007
11:17 AM @ *008
Here, among other things, is the
11:27 AM @ *013
11:29 AM @ *014
11:30 AM @ * 016
Here's some stick-the-camera-out-the-window-and-hope-for-the-best pictures to show you the terrain and vegetation...
11:37 AM @ *020
This is the shelter at the end of Hilina Pali
Standing at the shelter looking east.
'Apua Point over there...
Zoom more & enhance to cut through
the haze...
12:06 PM
Here's the trail, heading west...
12:26 PM @ *556
More trail ahead...
12:45 PM @ *559
More trail ahead...
The trail, as you can see, wasn't very difficult (there were some rockier places but nothing too bad).  The thing was, the
trail continually trended down and I kept thinking about the hike back up, coming back, when I was tired.  So finally, around
1:30 and 2 miles, about half way, I decided to turn around and head back.  It's always a guessing game:  how much gas is
left in the tank to get me back home again?  In this case, as it turned out, I was tired, but not exhausted when I got back...
Mauumae Beach
March 18, 2012
Robin and I decided we were sick of the rainy winter weather we'd been getting so we went in
search of the sun.  We chose a quiet little beach on the Kona side called
Mauumae Beach.  It
was reached by a footpath off the side of a state beach park,
Spencer Beach Park
2:24 PM @ *001
This is the start of the trail to the beach
2:25 PM just past the sign
Isn't this cool?  The ocean's
immediately off to the right
2:25 PM @ *005
2:25 PM @ *006
2:26 PM @ *008
2:27 PM @ *009
2:31 PM @ *015
Thar she blows!  
Mauumae Beach...
But first we have to get through here...
Flash Flood!
Water may rise
without warning
Fast moving water may result in
serious injury or death
2:33 PM @ *020
Kind of a difference in terrain, don't
you think?
2:34 PM @ *021
The seals says:
Hawai'i Trail & Access System
Doesn't look too crowded...
beach in the trees on the point...