West south west
West again - back at the steam plume
I'm fascinated by these giant burst
It must have been like something from
hell when it was all hot!
That looks like red cinder, something
readily available and cheap for easy
leveling of terrain
An Ohia tree getting it's start
Another popped bubble.  Man!
There's a house hiding in the trees
The same house with it's driveway
Photos 1, page 21
And then another section of road ahead
There are still hearty souls out here
A nice stretch of road
And then back to lava again
That's the steam plume to the right of
the road
The steam plume ahead
I believe that's the green house with
red roof we keep seeing
More die-hards building out here
A nice stretch of road tapering back
into the lava trail.  Steam plume dead
Back to some road again
That's the end of the road where the
truck is parked.  Steam plume in the
distance.  Note the little white sign.
That's red cinder that makes up this
road leading off the cul-de-sac at the
end of the main road.  Note the sign.
They've got to be kidding, right?
This is the end of the "red" road.  Well,
is ocean front.
Looking back up the road toward the
cul-de-sac, roughly 1/4 mile away
Standing in the middle of the
cul-de-sac, start the panorama looking
WEST at the stream plume
West north west
East south east
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Kaimu-Kalapana Lava Flow Field drive again
East north east
East - the way I came in
South south west
They're piers for a house, by golly!  
With a little luck it might weather a
small tsunami.  Great view.
Wait a minute!  What's that over there?
Driving back out - what's that white
A GPS surveying benchmark.  That's how
they're figuring out property lines because
any past reference was buried in lava..
This hillside, by the way, is where the lava comes from.  It's known as the East Rift Zone from Kilauea